Stubborn fat is not an issue exclusive to women. Men have to take up the battle of the bulge as well.

For men, the problem can be as frustrating as being unable to eliminate excess midsection fat despite the long hours spent crunching at the gym. Or it can be as disheartening as watching love handles or breast fat grow thicker each day.


Contrary to what most people think, being fat is a common insecurity in men. Men are sensitive about weight and body issues because the world equates being toned and muscular to manliness. Just because we don’t hear men complain about their big bellies or love handles doesn’t mean they don’t constantly worry about being fat.

Men and Aesthetic Treatments

Truth be told, men want to look gorgeous and feel sexy as much as women do.

Over the years, more and more men visit skin specialists and aesthetic clinics to inquire about skin treatments and non-invasive body contouring treatments. They want supple-looking skin, six-pack abs, and a beach-ready physique that could rival those of men half their age.

What attracts men to non invasive fat reduction procedures is the promise of minimal to no downtime. For them, a fat reduction procedure should be quick yet effective so people wouldn’t notice. They are very clear about what they want to achieve and expect long-lasting results.

CoolSculpting:  The Safe Way to Lose Stubborn Fats

Thanks to the latest advancements in health and technology, men can now eliminate unwanted fats without having to go through painful surgery, take expensive supplements, or be on special diets. However, not all non surgical fat reduction treatments are created equal, and some are a cut above the rest.

Unlike body sculpting treatments of the past, more sophisticated treatments like CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn fat by permanently destroying fat cells. It uses an advanced and FDA cleared cooling technology to freeze, break down, and permanent destroy stubborn adipose (fat) tissue.

This cool sculpting technique results in the permanent removal of fat in problem areas like the belly and love handles even the chin area. The frozen fat cells are then gradually removed from the body naturally, leading to noticeable fat reduction in the treated areas.

If you continue to struggle with excess body fat despite years of rigorous dieting and exercise, CoolSculpting might be the right non invasive fat reduction treatment for you. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary non-surgical Coolsculpting Singapore treatment.

Benefits of CoolSculpting for Men

Whether you are looking to have glorious washboard abs or simply want to get rid of your pesky love handles and unsightly man boobs, here’s why you should consider having CoolSculpting for men.

1. The procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, thus, requires little to no downtime. Meaning, you can schedule your treatment and then go back to work the next day.

2. It is very safe. CoolSculpting is a US FDA-approved procedure that can only be done by qualified skin specialist in Singapore who have undergone the required training and certification. At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, CoolSculpting Singapore treatment is administered by certified therapists according to a customized treatment plan developed after a thorough body assessment. During the procedure, specific areas are targeted without causing damage to the skin and surrounding tissues.

3. It produces lasting, natural-looking results. An amazing benefit of CoolSculpting is that it produces noticeable and lasting results. It uses a state-of-the-art patented fat freezing technology that permanently destroys fat cells in problem areas, eliminating them for good. Your appearance will improve as your body gradually eliminates the excess fats. So if you’re planning to get work done on your belly, love handles, and chest areas, you can expect optimum results in the weeks or months following the procedure. To maintain the effects, you only need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

4. It causes minimal side effects.  As with any other procedure, side effects from CoolSculpting vary from person to person. However, minimal side effects like redness and soreness may occur but will subside after a few days.  The side effects usually resolve on their own or with the help of pain relievers.

5. You can also opt for reduced treatment time. On the average, CoolSculpting Singapore treatment usually takes an hour per area. However, at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, treatment time can be reduced to 35 minutes per area through CoolAdvantage, the latest US FDA- Approved CoolSculpting applicator.

6. CoolSculpting can be combined with exercise and other aesthetic treatments.  Another advantage of CoolSculpting over other body sculpting treatments is that since it is non-invasive, it can be combined with exercise as well as other aesthetic treatments. You need not worry that your skin might sag following the fat reduction procedure because your personalized treatment plan may include treatments designed to address that concern. For instance, your certified therapist at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics will be happy to incorporate TriLipo in your treatment plan.  TriLipo Fat Reduction Technology will help tighten your skin by stimulating collagen growth and increasing fat metabolism in the areas treated.

You can also combine the procedure with topical treatments such as the Slim Contour Cream, a unique formula that uses Slim-Excess, an ingredient derived from red algae that’s clinically-proven to have anti-cellulite and facial contouring properties.

7. It will boost your self-esteem. Since the procedure will improve your physical appearance, it will boost your self-esteem and make you look and feel good about yourself.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your muffin tops and love handles? Contact our  aesthetic clinic to learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting for men or talk to our skin specialist today.

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