Many men are faced with the problem of excess fatty tissues in their chest. This condition may be due to puberty, a glandular development or due to weight gain. This often leads to a feeling of self-consciousness. Many among them are willing to seek surgical correction.

However, according to Dr. Nancy Silverberg, a dermatologist in Newport Beach, Coolsculpting can be an effective non-surgical option for certain men. This method freezes the adipose cells and breaks them down. She explains this method does not affect normal body tissues and only targets fatty deposits specifically.

She explains CoolSculpting as a wonderful, non-invasive method to reduce fat with little or no downtime. However, according to her, this method is not recommended for condition known as true gynecomastia, in which there is no fat but breast tissues develop. Coolsculpting addresses fat deposits alone and is effective in condition known as Pseudogynecomastia – accumulation of fat under and around the male breast.

Besides from the chest area, CoolSulpting can also remove stubborn fat cells on other areas of the body such as the stomach, arms, inner and outer thighs. CoolSculpting® for men, as with all patients, requires little to no downtime and few side effects.

For men who want to get rid of fatty tissues in their chest and other areas of their body, they can schedule a Coolsculpting consultation with a certified dermatologist. If available, having a Tanita Body Diagnostic and Nutrition Consultation will give helpful insights on the person’s total body fat and the amount of visceral fat or fat surrounding the internal organs.

Furthermore, Trilipo by Pollogen, a radiofrequency system that can safely provide body contouring, can also be used not just in the chest region but on different other parts of the body such as legs, stomach, arms and flanks. Since the treatments are non-invasive, there are no risk of scar or surgical complications.

Results are visible in the first month and will be completely seen within two to three months time. Patients will begin to notice a more toned and contoured body. With this non-surgical option to remove fat that is as effective and risk free, more male patients are feeling better and more comfortable about their bodies.

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