While some people can easily lose weight and unwanted fat without doing too much, some have it the other way around. Cutting calories and several hours spent in the gym translates to little to no results at all. If you belong in this group, it can be tempting to give up and just leave all your efforts behind.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster with Cutis Medical Gym

Don’t throw in the towel yet! Cutis Medical Gym is here to help you. Our subscription-based approach to non-invasive body treatments means you can give your fitness efforts a boost and reach your goals faster. The best part is this doesn’t involve cuts, needles, or longer recovery time.  

What is Cutis Medical Gym? 

Cutis Medical Gym is an extended medical gym subscription/membership plan for contouring and toning the body. It involves the use of US FDA-cleared and CE-marked non-invasive body shaping devices to help patients reduce fat, tighten skin, tone muscles, and improve cellulite or stretch marks appearance.

Here’s a short description of the devices we have at our medical gym:

  • BTL Vanquish ME – uses contactless radiofrequency heating to melt and kill fat cells. It can reduce the circumference of the abdomen, flank, and thighs. 
  • BTL X-Wave – uses targeted vibrations to break down fat under the skin and reduce cellulite appearance. It removes toxins in the body and aids in collagen production.
  • BTL Exilis Ultra 360 – uses  radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to tighten the skin. It can shrink fat cells as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
  • ZLipo – uses fat freezing or controlled cooling temperatures to kill and eliminate fat cells. Treatment areas include the belly, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, and chin. 
  • ZField Dual – uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate muscle contractions. It can tone your muscles, lift your buttocks, and help you achieve a six-pack.
  • ZWave – uses specially modified wave pulses to induce targeted vibrations within the connective tissues. It breaks down fat and the tissues that cause cellulite, as well as stimulates collagen formation. 
  • ThermoSculpt – uses diathermocontraction (diathermy + faradic muscle contraction) for total body reinvention. It has various treatment protocols that involve muscle stimulation and fat reduction. 
  • CoolSculpting – uses fat freezing or Cryolipolysis to permanently kill fat cells. It can reduce stubborn fat in the arms, belly, thighs, and chin. 

What makes Cutis Medical Gym different?

Cutis Medical Gym is not your typical gym or wellness center. Our gym houses not fitness equipment, but nonsurgical body shaping devices that use different modalities (heating, cooling, etc.). Patients have access to the full range of equipment to target and work out different body areas for consistent results.

  • Combination treatments instead of locked in a package
  • Patient-focused instead of treatment-focused
  • Wide range of US FDA-cleared and CE-marked body shaping devices
  • Work out different body areas for consistent results

What are the benefits of joining Cutis Medical Gym?

We at Cutis understand that doing intense workouts after a hectic day at work is not practical for most of us. Our medical gym lets you treat or work out different problem areas without doing intense exercises. You can combine what you’re already doing with our nonsurgical devices for faster and visible results.

You’re not tied down to one treatment package, so can choose from a range of treatments that suit your needs. This means that stubborn fat, tone muscles, tighten skin, and improve cellulite appearance in a clinical setting. Other benefits include: 

  • Authentic devices in a safe and sterile environment
  • Consistent and long-term results
  • Patient-tailored fitness treatments
  • Feel more confident when exercising
  • Give you the boost you need to jumpstart your fitness goals

Get started now

Looking to boost your fitness effort or trying to squeeze a regimen into your hectic schedule? Sign up to Cutis Medical Gym. We provide exclusive membership plans that suit people of different ages and fitness levels. You’ll also get to work with a body consultant to determine the right device for you for each session throughout the subscription period.

You’ll have access to any of the above treatments either 1 or 2 times a week for 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the subscription. The cost ranges from $181 per session to $248 per session.

Find out how Cutis Medical Gym can help you reach your goals faster. Contact our clinic today to schedule a consultation and body assessment with our medical aesthetic doctor in Singapore.