Bare, smooth and slim legs are never out of style. But in order to achieve this, you need to give your legs a little extra attention.

Whether it’s using the right skin care product, removing stubborn hair, or living an active lifestyle, you will need to put enough effort to improve and make changes in your lower body.


For ladies who have tried almost anything and still haven’t gotten the results they wanted, they may also benefit from a non-surgical treatment intervention to achieve their goals.

Learn more about these safe combination procedures that can help you to smoothen and slim down your legs without the need for incisions or a long recovery period.

1.  Fat Removal

Vanquish and Cryolipolysis are two cutting-edge treatments that have been found to reduce fat in the thighs using two proven technologies.

Vanquish, an FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment uses radio frequency technology to heat and reduce fat. The Vanquish applicator does not touch the skin but emits heat energy targeting the underlying fat resulting to natural cell death or apoptosis.

According to research, fat has a higher resistance to heat than the muscle or skin. The more resistant the fat layer has the more heat energy is absorbs which kills the fat cells through natural cell death. Over time, the dead fat cells are then metabolized by the body as waste.

Another procedure that promotes fat cell death is Cryolipolysis otherwise known as fat freezing. Cryolipolysis is an FDA-cleared procedure for safe fat removal of the thighs. CoolSculpting and Z Lipo are two popular procedures that uses Cryolipolysis in the market.

Using suction applicators, CoolSculpting and Z Lipo draws in the fat deposit of the thighs and freezing them to the point of elimination without harming the skin. Once the fat cells are exposed to cooling they die and are metabolized by the body.

These non-surgical procedures are great for individuals who have stubborn fat in their thighs that is resistant even to rigorous diet and exercise.

2. Hair Removal

Many women struggle with removing hair from their legs. Whether you prefer shaving or waxing, this process can be time-consuming and even painful at times. Permanent hair reduction is an efficient way to reduce the growth of hair on your legs for good.

At the Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore, there is several hair removal treatment options to cater every skin type. Cutera Laser Hair Removal is ideal for dark skin types and tanned patients, while IPL Hair Removal treatment are better suited for fair to medium skin types. Cutis also offers LHE (Light and Heat Energy) hair removal for people who have sensitive skin.

But regardless of the device, at least 8 to 12 sessions are recommended for an effective and lasting hair removal results. Each session of these procedure target the hair on the growth (anagen) stage and depending on the area around 10-15% of the hair is treated. The interval of each treatment is at least 3 to 6 weeks apart.

3. Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a very common problem that impacts many women. The unsightly dimpling of the skin can make some women feel self-conscious, especially when wearing shorts or other clothing that reveals these areas of skin.

Genetics, lifestyle, diet, hormones, and age can all affect the development of cellulite. While cellulite is not dangerous, most women prefer to remove it for cosmetic purposes.

At Cutis, you’ll discover two safe options for cellulite reduction including X Wave and Z Wave. These acoustic shockwave devices work by sending vibration have been clinically proven and cleared by the FDA to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Reduction Treatments use the combination of radiofrequency and acoustic shockwave technology to effectively break down fat deposits and improve blood circulation resulting in a smoother skin, free of cellulite.

In conclusion, to achieve smoother, slimmer legs, you must go beyond simple shaving, leg exercises and diet changes. The secret to effectively lose stubborn fat from your legs is Vanquish and CoolSculpting. When combined with a hair remover technology and a cellulite reduction treatment, it’s impossible to get smoother, slimmer legs without surgery, incisions, or a long recovery period.

Are you ready to transform the look of your legs? Schedule an appointment with our aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez to know if you are a good candidate for our body and skin treatment in Singapore.

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