5 Ways to Reduce Signs of Aging Around the EyesAs the thinnest and most delicate area on your body, the skin around the eyes deserves extra care and attention. It is also more vulnerable to damage and among the first areas to show signs of aging. These include lines, wrinkles, puffiness, hollowness, and dark circles, all of which can give your eyes and face a tired and older appearance. 

So, why are the eyes vulnerable?

Apart from having thin and delicate skin, there are a few other factors that can make the eye more prone to aging and damage. These include:

  • The skin around the eyes lacks supporting elements; it covers the eye socket, which is a hollow space.
  • The area around the eyes doesn’t have as much collagen and oil glands than other areas of the body 
  • The eyes work a lot throughout the day. Blinking, squinting, spending hours in front of a screen, and other expressions can cause collagen loss or premature aging, 
  • Lifestyle choices like lack of sleep and stress can show up on eyes in the form of puffiness and dark circles.

Minimize the aging effects

There is a lot you can do to reduce or fight signs of aging in the eye area. Here are a few things that can help:

1. Prioritize sun protection

Prolonged and unprotected exposure from the sun can lead to premature or exacerbated signs of aging. Be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and don’t forget overlooked areas like the upper eyelid. 

You can also benefit from wearing a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. This protects both your eyes and the area around them. It is also important to limit sun exposure, avoid tanning, or seek shade when going out in the sun.

2. Use anti-aging creams and serums

Look for an eye cream or eye serum that can help improve puffiness, dark circles, and other signs of aging. At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, we have two products that can give this delicate area the extra care and attention it deserves.

Elastifirm Eye Restore with Peptides and Arnica – This contains clinically-proven ingredients that can help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. The peptides can anti-age your eyes, as they help boost microcirculation and strengthen skin layers. Arnica, on the other, is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can also improve lines and darkening of the skin. Benefits include:

  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces puffiness 
  • Helps retain moisture in the skin 

Elastifirm Eye Repair with Persian Silk Extract – This has collagen- and elastin-boosting ingredients to fight damage from free radicals. It also features Persian Silk Extract, which is proven beneficial in fighting glycation or the process wherein sugar molecules bind to the skin proteins. This contributes to wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Benefits include:

  • Reduces puffy eyes
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps lighten dark circles
  • Helps firm and tighten the upper eyelid

3. Be gentle

As previously mentioned, the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate. It is important to be gentle during your skin care routine or when removing eye makeup. Be sure not to put too much pressure on the area, as this can increase your risk of having more fine lines. Here are a few helpful tips when applying eyecare products: 

  • Gently tap the area using your ring finger.
  • Gently massage the area using light strokes.
  • Avoid putting the product too close to your eyes.
  • Apply the cream while the skin is damp (don’t use it on dry skin).
  • Give the eye cream or serum a time to settle before layering on another product like makeup.  

4. Make positive lifestyle changes

Your daily habits can sometimes affect the way you look outside, which include your face and the skin around yourself. The following lifestyle practices can help you take better care of the area for a more youthful appearance.

  • Get enough sleep – Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Make your bedroom cool, light, and dark to create the ideal sleeping environment. You can also benefit from keeping a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding the use of electronics before bed. 
  • Eat right – Fill your diet with nutritious choices, like whole foods, lean meats, complex carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables. Avoid or limit processed foods, as they tend to be laden with salt, sugar, and other chemicals that your body may find it hard to metabolize. It is also advisable to drink lots of water (instead of caffeinated beverages) daily. 
  • Quit or never start smoking – This habit speeds up the aging process by damaging both collagen and elastin. Smoking, furthermore, contributes to premature or more wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and mouth. This is due to the squinting of eyes in keeping the smoke out and the repeated puckering of lips and heat from burning cigarette. 
  • Manage stress levels – High stress levels can lead to excess cortisol (stress hormones). This can break down collagen and elastin, as well as contribute to the appearance of lines, creases, and wrinkles. It is important to manage your stress by exercising daily, taking a break from overwhelming tasks, and trying yoga or deep breathing exercises. 

5. Consider Botox 

Botulinum toxin or Botox is US FDA-cleared for smoothing or reducing wrinkles formed due to facial expressions (dynamic wrinkles). It uses a neurotoxin protein that temporarily blocks the signal from a nerve to a muscle. This then relaxes and softens the wrinkles.

It can give your face and the area around your eye a more youthful look by reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, and frown lines. It takes about two weeks to see the full effects of Botox, with results that can last between 3 and 6 months. Repeated injections are recommended once the effects wear off.

Give the extra care and attention the skin around your eyes deserves. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore and schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor to find out more about the products and treatments that can give you a more youthful appearance.