Christmas is usually that time of the year when diets and exercise fly off the window. The festive mood easily overpowers our inhibitions, and there’s no other time of the year when we deserve to celebrate, to go easy on ourselves and to gift ourselves with something we have always wanted. As Christmas celebrations revolve around family and food (which are usually the rich, high-calorie variety), saying “no” to the merry-go-round of parties and reunions is just too tough to resist.

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So instead of resisting, you can actually give in, if you know where to dig your fork (without guilt, knowing that there is a painless way out of holiday weight gain in aesthetic clinics in Singapore). Sometimes, it’s all just a matter of smart preparation so you don’t get overwhelmed and stuff yourself before you realize you are full. In that spirit, here are clever tips on how to enjoy the lavish spread of special-occasion food while still fitting in your pants when the New Year rolls around.

Don’t go hungry before going to parties

You’ll likely to scarf down food when you run on an empty tank. “Saving up” your calories and skipping meals ahead of a big holiday feast can only lead to overeating and poor food choices. If you have helped yourself to a soup of rich broth, you are less likely to dig in right away without working the room first, and putting only food on your plate that you have longed to eat.

Sit beside a slow eater

This way, you can pay attention to what you eat and really savor the flavors of the holiday. If you want a particularly rich treat – say Crème Brûlée – instead of resisting the urge, give in to the temptation and indulge your sweet tooth in controlled portions. Sitting beside a slow eater will also help pace your tempo when it comes to putting food in your mouth.

Load up on unsweetened liquid

No other time of the year is more appropriate to celebrate with a bubbly. Since a few glasses of alcohol can rack up your drink quota – and calories – fast, try stretching that quota a bit by loading up on unsweetened beverages beforehand. That means water, unsweetened tea, a glass of lemon juice, or a bowl of broth-based soup.

Use smaller dishes and serving utensils

Size does matter. To fend off holiday weight gain, try to eat from smaller plates using smaller utensils. A teaspoon does not look a lot so even if you have helped yourself to five teaspoons of high-calorie dessert, it’s far better than having eaten five tablespoons of the same thing. Serve your main course using a salad plate instead of the party-sized 12-inch plate or trough-like bowl. Similarly, pour drinks into tall slim glasses instead of the fat wide kind. Studies have shown that you are likely to drink 30% more if you are drinking from squatter vessels, and eat57% more if you are using bigger utensils.