I’m going to the US this week, which made me think of sharing skincare tips for travel.  We all know the challenges of the flight, not just on our bodies and sleep pattern but also on the skin.  Here are my top 3 travel skincare tips:

1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Your body loses water because of cabin pressure and recirculated air.  Hydration is not just important for your skin, but it is also important to reducing the risk of other complications of prolonged airplane travel.


2) Skip the foundation and apply moisturizer and sunblock. In fact, don’t put any make-up to give your skin (and your eyes) a rest!  Airplane windows don’t sufficiently block UV rays, and you’re closer to the sun which makes sunblock particularly important. Applying a moisturizer will help prevent the skin from being dehydrated, giving you a fresher look when you land.


3) Minimize touching your face.  Its been shown that the airplane is full of germs- from your airplane seat, handrest, restroom, seat table, and on and on and on.  To minimize breakouts, avoid touching your face and bring an anti-bacterial handwash or wipe to protect the skin.


Above all, enjoy your travel!

Dr. Sylvia