Vaginal laxity is a common intimate area issue among many women. About 75% of women around the world suffer from it, yet it is overlooked or left untreated. Many patients also consider laxity a bothersome condition that impacts sexual function, relationship happiness, and overall quality of life.

Vaginal Laxity What Causes it and How Can You Improve it

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So, what causes vaginal laxity? 

Vaginal laxity or the loss of vaginal tightness occurs when the tissues stretch due to pregnancy and childbirth or normal aging. You are more likely to experience it if you:

  • Bear more than one child
  • Have a large baby
  • Undergo a forceps delivery

Other causes include:

  • Genetic disorders (or a genetic disposition to laxity)
  • A high rate of sexual activity
  • Menopause/aging
  • Vaginal trauma
  • Multiple vaginal births

What are the symptoms of vaginal laxity?

The common symptom is the loss of sensation during intercourse, which can lead to decreased sexual satisfaction. Vaginal laxity is usually underreported, even though it can negatively affect body image, sexual function, and quality of life. Below are the symptoms of this condition: 

  • Looseness and loss of friction
  • Decreased ability to experience orgasm
  • Insufficient lubrication or dryness
  • Loss of confidence
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Can sometimes lead to urinary incontinence

How Ultra Femme 360 can help

Ultra Femme 360 is a US FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure for treating a woman’s intimate area. It provides complete rejuvenation by helping improve laxity and sexual satisfaction, as well as treating stress urinary incontinence. Ultra Femme 360 can also help with labia remodeling and vaginal tightening.

  • Improve laxity – The procedure stimulates collagen production that can contribute to additional tightening and improved elasticity. This can continue over the next three to four months. 
  • Helps treat incontinence – Clinical studies suggest that Ultra Femme 360 has shown a positive effect for treating stress urinary incontinence. It can also improve the overall appearance of the intimate area.
  • Improves sexual function – The procedure can remodel the labia and tighten the vaginal opening. Those who had the procedure report improvement in sexual function after the treatment. 
  • Positive effects on self-esteem – Improvement in laxity, tightness, and sensation can lead to positive effects on body image, confidence, intimate relationships, and quality of life. 

How it works: It uses a handheld device that delivers safe ultrasound energy and radiofrequency waves. Ultra Femme involves the insertion of a 360° disposable tip through the Introitus inside the vaginal canal.

It gently heats the vaginal tissues, which leads to immediate contraction and improved blood flow. This helps trigger neocollagenesis or the process of building new collagen. The collagen restoration process takes 60 to 90 days after your Ultra Femme 360 treatment.

Fast treatment with no downtime: It only takes eight minutes at least to do the Ultra Femme procedure. This makes it a fast, non-invasive treatment for intimate area rejuvenation. It also doesn’t require needles or anesthesia, and has no downtime. You may experience some redness or mild swelling, but this subsides within a few hours.

What results to expect: You are likely to notice improvements after your initial Ultra Femme 360. The results will continue to improve over time, especially after the third session. It is also important to remember that the results will vary on a few factors like your body’s natural response to the treatment and the amount of tissue laxity.

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