A sagging jawline or jowling is an inevitable consequence of gravity and aging. When we hit our 40s, we experience saggy skin because our skin loses its elasticity so the once firm skin of our jawline becomes looser. This, in addition to the facial fat pads that droop due to the pull of gravity, creates a jowling face.


Fortunately, there are a number of safe and effective treatments for skin laxity.  These skin tightening procedures rejuvenate and firm sagging jowls, turkey necks, and aging facial skin. Below are the 3 most effective nonsurgical skin tightening Singapore treatments for sagging jowls.

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In laser clinics Singapore, one of the most prescribed treatments for correcting sagging jowls is Ultherapy.


Ultherapy is an innovative skin tightening treatment that uses FDA-cleared ultrasound energy to lift droopy jawline skin.  The nonsurgical tightening treatment, performed by a skin specialist, uses safe ultrasound technology to tighten and lift lax skin from within.

During the procedure, the skin doctor Singapore will use a transducer to administer ultrasound energy to the treatment area, resulting in a collagen regeneration that produces a visible yet natural-looking lift to the jawline a few weeks following the procedure.



Another popular treatment for sagging jawlines in aesthetic clinics Singapore, Titan utilizes infrared light to lift loose skin. When performing Titan to firm droopy jowls, a skin specialist in Singapore used the special Titan handpiece to deliver infrared light to the area to warm up the dermis.

The heat causes the collagen in the skin to contract, providing an immediate lifting effect to the skin. The infrared light also stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen, resulting in a firmer, tighter, and a more defined jawline. For added safety and comfort, the Titan handpiece has a cooling feature so the surface of the skin remains cool while the dermis is heated with infrared light.

The Titan treatment may be used in conjunction with other nonsurgical skin tightening treatments like Ultherapy for optimum results.

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PDO Thread Lifts


If you’re bothered by your sagging jowls but not quite prepared to undergo a traditional facelift, there’s no need to worry because you can now tighten the skin of your jaw without going under the knife. By having a thread lift for jowls, your jawline will be smoother and firmer.

PDO thread lifts are safe and minimally invasive treatments for sagging skin.  PDO thread lifts work by inserting very fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads into the deeper layers of the skin of your jawline. The threads then pull the sagging skin together, visibly firming the area and enhancing your jawline. The PDO threads also trigger new collagen formation, resulting in a significant improvement of the treatment area over time. The desired results of a PDO thread lift can last for 24 months following the procedure.

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Reverse sagging jowls without surgery, call Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for an appointment with Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, a Harvard-trained and a MoH certified skin specialist. During the consultation, Dr. Sylvia will discuss different skin tightening treatment options with you and prescribe a treatment plan tailored to your specific skin concerns.

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