The skin around the neck, just like the rest of the body, is not immune to gravity. As we age, our neck skin loses its elasticity and sags.  When the once-tight skin loosens, the excess skin can look like flaps around our necks, resembling the appearance of turkey skin.

Say Goodbye to Turkey Neck

A turkey neck is often the very first sign of aging and can be very frustrating.  A mere peek of the unflattering, wrinkly skin around the neck may ruin even the most favorite outfits.

To get rid of the turkey wattle, many people consider going for surgical a surgical neck lift in the hopes of regaining a youthful neckline. But what they don’t know is that they can now say goodbye to a turkey neck without undergoing surgery and other drastic neck tightening treatments.

Below are targeted treatments that are proven safe and effective for rejuvenating and firming saggy neck skin.

PDO Thread Lifts

The skin around the neck is very delicate, making it very prone to sagging and wrinkling.  In the past, those who want to achieve neck skin tightening and have a firm jawline had to go under the knife to get a neck lift.  But thanks to advancements in aesthetic medicine, it is now possible to effectively tighten sagging neck skin through minimally invasive procedures, a good example of which are PDO thread lifts.

The procedure, proven safe and effective for lifting loose skin in the jawline and décolleté, involves the safe insertion of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) threads into the deeper layers of the skin.

When the PDO threads are inserted into the skin of your neck, it will pull the skin together, providing an immediate lifting effect that can significantly diminish its crepe-like appearance.  The presence of these fine threads in the skin’s deeper layers also boost collagen formation, leading to significant rejuvenation of the skin’s overall appearance and texture. The effect of PDO thread lifts on your neck can last up to two years after the procedure.


Another safe, comfortable, and effective treatment for sagging neck skin that’s offered by reputable aesthetic clinics Singapore is Ultherapy.

The FDA-approved neck lifting treatment involves the use of a transducer to deliver safe ultrasound energy to the deeper layers of the skin to lift and tighten sagging skin without disrupting its integrity. The treatment starts neocollagenesis or collagen regeneration.  The collagen-building process provides for the noticeable yet natural-looking lift on the treated area that unfolds weeks or months after the procedure.


Titan is a noninvasive sagging skin treatment that also works by stimulating collagen formation within the deeper layers of the skin.  But unlike PDO Thread lifts and Ultherapy, that uses absorbable sutures and ultrasound energy respectively, Titan uses infrared light to lift saggy skin around the neck.

The delivery of infrared light heats up the dermis to produce collagen contraction and trigger the activity of collagen-building cells called fibroblasts deep within your skin. To ensure client safety and prevent undesired results, the skin’s surface is kept cool and protected using the special Titan handpiece all throughout the procedure. Titan can be used in combination with Ultherapy and other skin treatments to achieve faster and even better results.

Achieve youthful skin without surgery or incision, call Cutis Medical Laser Clinics to schedule a consultation with our skin specialist today.  Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, a Harvard-trained and US Board-certified skin doctor, is backed by years of extensive training and experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.

During the consultation, Dr. Sylvia will discuss the most appropriate non-surgical skin tightening treatment options that is suitable to your skin concern.

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