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For those contemplating to eventually get cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive options offer an initial experience without the attendant risks and costs of traditional surgery.

Thread Lifts: A Non Surgical Cosmetic Alternative

Non surgical cosmetic treatments have far outpaced surgical cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Among the non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments that are gaining in popularity is dissolvable thread lift, or the use of absorbable threads to lift droopy eyebrows, tighten sagging cheeks, or simply rejuvenate a tired appearance.

The results of traditional cosmetic surgery can be very dramatic. Sometimes, however, it takes a few more fine-tuning to get the result right. It’s not unusual in traditional surgery to undergo another to correct an asymmetry, and for most patients, even if they can afford it, the downtime is simply too long, and the risks too serious.

PDO Threads: How They Work

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used in medicine for many years, and are in practice used in surgery for their absorbable material. In cosmetic procedures, PDO threads are used in skin tightening, initially to lift saggy skin and eventually to stimulate the creation of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, as well as the creation of new collagen. These skin components are essential to keep the skin looking plump and young.


Immediate lifting effect can be observed after the procedure, but the lifting effect is discreet, and can be best described as how you would look if you were to take a relaxing vacation over the holidays. There are possible side effects such as bruising and swelling, although these normally settle in a few days.

The results will further improve in the following days and weeks as the PDO stimulates neocollagenesis, which in turn produces collagen. Over time, the overall texture of the skin is improved; it becomes thicker, tighter and firmer and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away.

Unlike the traditional facelift, there is no hospital stay; skin threading face lift is truly a walk-in, walk-out treatment, and barring strenuous activities, patients are usually able to return to their regular schedules quickly. Full lifting effect can be seen in 6-8 months when the threads have been completely absorbed and collagen has grown around them.

In terms of cost, PDO threads are comparably more affordable than surgery, but many patients who can afford this non surgical sagging skin treatment simply do not have a month or more to devote to recovery of a full surgical procedure, so less invasive options are more appealing in terms of downtime.

How Do PDO Threads Differ From Silhouette Soft?

PDO threads offer a wider range of sizes compared to similar thread lifts like Silhouette Soft. For wrinkles around the eye area, fine mono threads are more suitable, while thicker bi-directional cog threads work better to tighten loose skin, such as sagging cheeks and jowls.

If you want to open up your brows a bit for a more alert look, an eyebrow thread lift will do the trick. A thread lift for jowls can also be carried out to achieve a V line of the jaws and give it more definition.

PDO threads have a long life; once they are fully absorbed by the body, they continue to provide lifting effects for up to two years after the treatment.

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