After a few weeks or months of quarantine/circuit breaker, the youthful effects of certain aesthetic treatments may start to wear off. This is why many who regularly receive nonsurgical procedures like Botox and fillers are wondering when they can schedule their next appointment. There is also the question of, “How can I maintain the results of my treatments while self-quarantining?”

In this episode of Cutis TV, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, the Medical and Scientific Director of Cutis Laser Clinics, shared tips on continue looking good even if you can’t do aesthetic treatments, as well as the things you can to prolong the effects of the treatments (especially injectables) you have done before. Dr. Sylvia is joined by Gunther Scherz, the Managing Director of Cutis Laser Clinics. 

Learn as Dr. Sylvia talked about preventing damage to skin while also giving an in-depth explanation of associated skin health topics. From using the right products like sunblock and serums to eating healthy and exercising right, you can up your skincare game and help you look good. 

Watch to know more!