When your acne finally heals, it usually leaves a lingering reminder in the form of reddish or brownish marks. These are completely different from acne scars, which are a permanent damage on the skin. Acne marks are more of temporary discoloration that occurs as a part of the body’s healing process.Cutis-Laser-Clinics-Acne-Scars

Most acne marks eventually fade over time, but this can take about three to six months or more. Fortunately, they are much easier to treat than scars and there are a number of things that can accelerate their fading process.

Here are some things that can help:

Wear sunscreen daily

UV exposure without adequate sun protection continually damages the skin. This also causes marks can linger much longer or become darker. The use of sunscreen is important to diminish or improve the appearance of your acne marks. This offers an added benefit of decreasing your risk of premature aging and skin cancer.

We recommend Clear Defense SPF 45 or Sheer Defense Tinted SPF 46 from Dr. Sylvia Skin Care. Both of these are non-greasy and lightweight, and offer sun protection without causing breakouts.

Use skincare products with antioxidants

Investing on skincare products formulated with antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, can help minimize red and brown marks. This can also safeguard your skin against environmental stressors and pollutants. Those with retinol are also beneficial in revitalizing your skin and lightening dark spots

One good option is Dr. Sylvia’s Vitamin C 20% with Ferulic Acid. This comprehensive antioxidant super serum can combat oxidative stress and provide skin hydration with lightening benefits.

Stop picking your blemishes

Touching your face constantly or picking your acne can only make your marks worse. Doing so will also make your pimples stay longer on your face and look more inflamed or red. We know that it can sometimes be hard to keep your hands off, but just do it for the sake of your skin.

Consider Limelight IPL

Limelight IPL is an innovative laser device that uses an FDA-cleared “intense pulse light” technology for fading and treating dark spots and pigmentation. It can be used on any part of the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, arms, and hands with dark spots, skin redness, and tiny facial veins. 

The procedure delivers pulses of light at the skin that targets the marks and pigmentation. This draws out spots on the skin’s top layer, which will then scab and fall off after five to seven days. It is normal for the spots to darken after the procedure, but this will get better after a few days, revealing brighter skin.

The results of Limelight can be seen after one to three weeks. Just make sure to follow post-care treatments, such as using sunscreen daily, avoiding overexposure to the sun and keeping the skin hydrated.

Undergo a VI Peel

VI Peel is a stronger type of chemical peel treatment that can reduce or improve the appearance of age spots, freckles, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation. It can also clear acne skin conditions, treat acne marks, and soften lines and wrinkles.

This features an optimal blend of clinically proven ingredients that can target the skin at right depth to improve its tone and texture. It serves as an effective peeling treatment that safely removes the damaged top layer, promoting the cell rejuvenation of new and healthier skin.

The results of the VI Peel can last for many months, but you can still develop marks due to other factors. Giving your skin the proper care it deserves can help prevent blemishes and post acne marks. Check out blog to learn more about VI Peel and how it can improve your skin

Try Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

Laser Genesis is a US FDA-cleared aesthetic procedure that can stimulate collagen growth to promote healthier skin. It can help fade acne scarring, as well as treat facial redness and pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, and rough skin texture without longer recovery time.

It works by using a handpiece that gently heats the upper dermis below the surface of the skin. This then triggers collagen regrowth, improving both the texture and appearance of the skin. There is also a generation of additional heat in dilated capillaries to reduce or diffuse redness in the face.

Laser Genesis brings gradual yet very natural results. You may notice visible improvements after three procedures, but it may take at least five sessions or more for optimal results.

Consider Pearl Laser Resurfacing

The Cutera Pearl Resurfacing is a US FDA-cleared device that can address wrinkles, sun damage, as well as remove acne scars and pigmentation. It combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness of non-invasive procedures to produce significant results in just one treatment.

This works by treating the top layer of the skin using pulses of light and removes a portion of the sun-damaged surface. This causes the skin to produce a natural protective dressing beneath, which will peels off after three to five days. This reveals a healthier-looking skin with a “pearly” glow.

Schedule a Consultation

Some of these treatments can be safely combined to improve results. Limelight IPL, for instance, can be used with Laser Genesis, to address a wide range of skin concerns. These include sun damage, freckles, fine lines, large pores, and mottled complexion.

If you are worried about your acne marks and want to fade them faster, contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics today. Schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctors to find out which procedure suits you best.