While it is true that facial treatments can leave your skin cleaner, softer, and more energized, many of them can also cause redness and blotchy skin the next day. This is mainly due to exfoliation and (harsh) extractions that may put extra pressure and stress on your skin and pores.

Hydra-Dermabrasion-is-More-than-a-Basic-FacialIf you enjoy the benefits of facials, but don’t want the pain, redness, and post-extraction pimples, hydra dermabrasion may be right for you. This facial gently exfoliates the skin and addresses a range of issues without the redness, bruising, or irritation the next day. Hydra Facial also offers immediate results with no downtime. 

Here’s why hydra dermabrasion is way more than a basic facial. 

The basics of hydra dermabrasion

  • Three-part regimen – it is a multi-step facial treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliation (T-zone intensive care), and infusing the skin with formulated serums.
  • Gentler than microdermabrasion – it uses a medical-grade hydra dermabrasion device to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
  • No harsh extractions – it uses a painless suction technique, along with the power of water and oxygen instead of an abrasive surface to remove impurities from the skin. 
  • Safe for all skin types – hydra dermabrasion is a gentle procedure that is safe for both young and older patients, as well as those with dry and dehydrated skin.

How does hydra dermabrasion work?

Instead of using fine particles or grit to blast the skin, hydra facial uses a gentler approach by vacuuming out the pores. The hydra dermabrasion device removes dead skin cells via suction, while at the same time infusing the skin with hydrating and moisturizing serums. This then leaves the skin clean, nourished, and polished. 

One main thing that separates this facial from others is that its extractions are virtually painless. Its vacuum technology is strong yet safe, and is effective for every skin type. It uses a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip with a multifaceted spiral construction. This draws the impurities out while giving the skin replenishing ingredients.

Learn the difference between hydra dermabrasion and microdermabrasion

Hydra dermabrasion is customizable. 

This skin rejuvenation facial comes with add-ons and boosters to address specific skin concerns. The formulation of ingredients in the serum can help improve fine lines, dark spots, sun damaged areas, and uneven skin tone. The device’s suction power can also be toned down when treating delicate areas like around the eyes.

At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, we have two types of hydra dermabrasion facials. There is the Hydra-Clarifying Facial, which offers the additional benefits of minimizing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. We also have the Hydra-Anti-Aging Facial for reducing fine lines and increasing the production of collagen.

Hydra dermabrasion offers immediate results.

Another thing that makes hydra dermabrasion more than just a basic facial is that it provides immediate payoff with no downtime. Patients also report seeing noticeable skin refinements after just a single session. In fact, hydra facial is requested before big events like weddings and red carpets because it leaves the skin radiant and youthful.

A series of hydra facials may be needed depending on your age, skin, and the environment you live in. After then, a maintenance treatment once a month or every few months may be recommended. You may also be glad to know that you can also combine this facial with treatments like RF therapies, microneedling, and others.

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