While no one can deny the benefits of regular diet and exercise, they don’t always guarantee results. This is particularly applicable for trouble or stubborn areas like the belly, buttocks, hips, and thighs. And when your efforts don’t translate to changes or improvements, you may find yourself hitting roadblocks or losing motivation to achieve body goals.

What Cutis Medical Gym Can Do for You

This is where Cutis Medical Gym enters the picture. This subscription-based approach to non-invasive body treatments lets you treat and work out different areas of the body without actually working out. Our medical gym works well in combination with healthy habits, especially in boosting your efforts or reaching your goals faster.

So, what is Cutis Medical Gym?

Cutis Medical Gym is an extended membership/subscription plan for shaping and toning different areas of the body. It features US FDA-cleared and CE-marked non-invasive body contouring devices, especially for trouble zones or those that won’t improve or change despite diet and exercise. 

What separates our medical gym from typical gyms is that we house nonsurgical machines that use different modalities such as heating, cooling, and electrical muscle stimulation. A subscription to Cutis Medical Gym gives you access to the full range of available equipment to work out different body areas for consistent results.

What can our medical gym do for you and your body?

As previously mentioned, our gym has different body shaping devices that can target trouble zones of the body. Below are the things Cutis Medical Gym can help you to achieve your body goals: 

1. Reduce stubborn fat

Excess and unwanted body fat in stubborn areas don’t always respond to diet and exercise. If you’re close to your ideal weight and still finding it hard to get rid of fat bulges, non-invasive fat reduction can help. Our medical gym has three devices that can help you reduce stubborn fat for a slimmer or a more contoured figure.

CoolSculpting – this uses Cryolipolysis or fat freezing to target, freeze, and kill fat cells. It has applicators of different sizes that can treat various areas such as the belly, thighs, chest, arm, and chin. Treated fat cells die naturally and are cleared through the lymphatic system. Visible results are seen within a 60- to 90-day period. 

ZLipo – this also uses fat freezing or Cryolipolysis to reduce fat layer thickness. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and smaller areas of fat. Its 360° applicators feature an enlarged treatment area and a more comfortable vacuum. They allow two treatments simultaneously for a shorter procedure duration. 

Vanquish ME – this uses contactless radiofrequency heating to target, melt, and kill fat cells. Vanquish is FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction of the abdomen area. It can also help you lose inches off your thighs, hips, and upper back fat. It offers a large spot size coverage that can treat flank to flank in a single session.

2. Tone and sculpt muscles

Our medical gym also has devices that can help you achieve your body goals and visible muscles. This is also ideal if you’re near or at your normal weight, but want to have a more sculpted body appearance. We have two nonsurgical procedures for this:

ZField Dual – this uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate muscle contractions in the abdomen, buttocks, and other areas of the body. It can enforce thousands of contractions in a single session and can turn flabby areas into toned muscles. ZField Dual can help you burn fat, get more visible muscles, and lift your buttocks non-invasively. 

ThermoSculpt – this uses diathermocontraction (diathermy + faradic muscle contraction) for total body reinvention without cuts or needles. It has various treatment protocols that can help you burn and break down fat, as well as tone muscles. ThermoSculpt generates deep dermal heating and stimulates involuntary muscle contraction to tone and improve the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, and knees.

3. Tighten skin or reduce cellulite and stretch marks appearance 

Apart from muscle toning and fat reduction, we also have devices for treating mild skin laxity. Two of these use targeted vibrations and wave pulses to break down fat, tighten skin, and improve the appearance of scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. They can be used in combination with non-invasive fat reduction.

BTL X-Wave – this uses modified acoustic wave pulses to induce vibrations in the connective tissues. X-Wave helps stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and break down the fat under the skin. It also promotes collagen production that can improve skin texture and elasticity. 

Zimmer ZWave – this transmits radial shockwaves into the connective tissues to break down fat and tissues that cause cellulite. There is also the benefit of collagen formation that can make the skin firmer and more elastic. You can use ZWave with fat freezing devices like ZLipo to improve fat reduction results.

BTL Exilis Ultra 360 – this combines radiofrequency waves and ultrasound energy to improve skin laxity and break down fat. It uses an applicator that can target and kill fat cells, as well as heat the deeper skin layers to promote collagen production. Exilis Ultra 360 can be used not just in the body, but also in different areas of the face. 

4. Get patient-tailored fitness treatments

With a subscription to our medical gym, you will not be tied down to just one treatment package. You can choose from a range of devices or treatments that suit your needs and goals. This type of access lets you combine treatments and work out different problem areas for consistent or faster results.

5. Improve your fitness levels

By reducing fat and toning muscles, Cutis Medical Gym can help increase your strength and improve your fitness levels. It may also give you the advantage you need to take your fitness performance to the next level. Reduced body fat or sculpted muscles can also lessen the load you have to carry when exercising or playing sports. 

Other benefits of Cutis Medical Gym (Achieve your Body Goals)

  • Authentic devices in a safe environment
  • Combination treatment for consistent and long-term results
  • Membership plans for people of different ages and fitness levels
  • Improved self-confidence

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