You can’t change your genes. But with the right diet plan and exercise routine, you can become a fitter and toner version of yourself. And if you want to give nature a helping hand, there are plenty of non-invasive treatments to bring out your best shape, whether you are an apple, pear, string bean or hourglass.

Remember, however, that on top of any exercise routine, proper nutrition is paramount. The benefits of exercise will just be cancelled out if you don’t give your cells the right kind of fuel, which is why diet and exercise are the two fundamentals of Optimagenics Age Management Program for older adults who want to enjoy the benefits of healthy longevity.


For those endowed with a certain body shape, there’s hope: While you may not change the basics of what nature intended, you have the power to re-sculpt your form with patience and due diligence.


Apple-shaped bodies tend to have fat stored in their midsection. And it’s not just their shape that they need to be concerned about. Visceral fat, which is the fat that wraps around the abdominal organs, is dangerous because it can be released into the bloodstream, triggering a cascade of health problems that eventually lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, stroke and heart attack, to name a few.

Apple-shaped bodies can lose abdominal fat by doing cardiovascular exercises that burn off body fat and improve heart health. But they will get the most body-shaping impact from interval training which involves alternating periods of high intensity exercises with moderate intensity moves. Walking, swimming, biking, stair-stepping can all be varied in pace for 30 minutes so fat is burned off not just during the workout but also after the workout.

For muscle building, your body needs protein. Fill your carbohydrate needs with fibrous vegetables, and get your fat from the unsaturated variety to keep your heart healthy and belly fat off. And because you can’t spot correct resistant bulges with diet and exercise, those who have lingering pockets of unwanted fat may try a safe fat removal treatment in a Singapore aesthetic clinic called Coolsculpting. It’s an FDA-approved fat freezing procedure to spot-correct those stubborn pooches and muffin tops without surgery or downtime.


Pear-shaped people are distinctive for their bigger bottoms relative to their upper body, with fat deposits concentrated in their hips, thighs and buttocks. ‘Pears’ will never have slender legs because fat stored in these areas are less metabolically active and therefore harder to burn off. What they can expect instead are fit and toned legs. To balance their bigger bottom, pears need to do resistance training with weights. Resistance training doesn’t just burn off fat but build muscles too, so more fat is burned over time, with the fat lost kept off for good.

CoolSculpting in Singapore is also FDA-cleared to slim down the inner and outer thighs, and the fatty layer located beneath the buttocks that cannot just be spot-corrected by exercise.

For those last few ounces of fat that cling to your inner and outer thighs, CoolSculpting in Singapore can provide the spot-correction treatment that you need. Those fatty layers of fat beneath the buttocks that you can’t lose even with extreme dieting and exercise can be treated using a smaller applicator called CoolMini by Zeltiq.

String bean

While ‘apples’ and ‘pears’ worry about curves in the wrong places, ‘string beans’ have no curves to worry about. People with thin, straight frames may not worry about any excess fat to lose, but they might long to have curves. There’s also a body type that’s defined as ‘skinny fat’: While their scale weight may register as low, their body fat percentage is higher than is considered healthy. To give their bodies definition, ‘string beans’ need to perform muscle-building strength routine and cardio to develop endurance and stamina, and improve over-all health.


Hourglass-shaped people are the envy of all the other body shapes, but they are prone to developing higher body-fat percentage. This excess fat is often found in the upper arms, lower abdomen and thighs, so the goal of their exercise is total-body sculpting through fat-burning cardio and strength training. Any sagging skin in the belly, arms and thighs left behind by diet and exercise can be tightened using safe radio frequency (RF) technology like TriLipo that generates heat and causes dynamic muscle activation to squeeze liquid fat out of cells and remodel collagen in the dermal layer. A popular treatment in aesthetic clinics in Singapore, TriLipo is best for those who have achieved weight loss but want body contouring on the abdomen, thighs and arms for a tighter, fitter figure.