It looks so awkward when we see huge cluster of veins on someone’s skin. No doubt, it is very difficult situation, when someone faces this type of issue that may become the reason of his or her embarrassment as well. However, there are various options to get rid of such issues like medication and plastic surgery, but as these processes are huge time taking, where the plastic surgery is very painful as well, most of the people prefer to get the laser surgery treatment. Laser is an unbelievable technology that doesn’t let the patients feel pain while getting rid of an awkward appearance of vein web on the skin. Moreover, the treatment allows them to recover from surgery soon as well.

When it comes to laser technology, it is based on highly focused beam of lights that greatly helps in treating the varicose vein issue. Here, Simple Laser and Endovenous Laser are two of the options that help you to get rid of vein problem. Now, you would have a question in your mind that “Is there any difference between both of these treatments for vein removal?” If it is so, then yes, both of these treatments are designed to treat specific types of veins. Understanding the difference between both of these treatments will help you to choose the best one that is suitable in your case.

Treatment for tiny varicose veins and laser varicose veins

Earlier, the laser treatment was there only to treat the excess appearance of veins on the skin, but with the advancement of technology, now it is offering effective solutions for skin rejuvenation and fat reduction as well. When we talk about Simple Laser Vein Treatment, it can treat only spider vein and tiny varicose vein that are just under the skin’s surface. In this, you may have to undergo more than one laser session, which the doctor schedule after considering the requirement. But, when it comes to Endovenous Laser Treatment, it is a contemporary technology, which is popular for treating larger varicose veins in the legs. During this procedure, a laser fiber is passed through a thin tube into the vein to let the skin get relief from it.

Why they are so specific?

Sometimes, if the doctor doesn’t get satisfaction with the result of Endovenous Laser treatment for larger varicose vein, he uses Simple Laser treatment, as a second step to get the best possible result. On the other hand, the Endovenous Laser treatment is used to close down the larger varicose vein instead of using plastic surgery to remove it.

How well the treatments work?

Simple Laser Vein Treatment has been in popularity since past twenty years and it has been proven as quite safe and effective treatment for such veins removal as well. Whereas, the Endovenous Laser treatment helps to close down the veins mostly about 94 out of 100 times. However, the chances are few that you don’t get the possible results of it, but sometime, if it happens and the treatment doesn’t close the veins, then you will need to approach the aesthetic clinic again to undergo the second treatment.

What is after the treatments?

If you are facing the issue of small spider veins or tiny varicose veins, then after undergoing the Simple Laser treatment, you likely become able to return to your normal daily routine job. On the other hand, after the Endovenous Laser treatment, your doctor advices you to wear compression stockings for at least one week. Here, the doctor also uses the duplex ultrasound to ensure that your veins are completely closed.

What are the risks?

The use of certain laser beams is powerful in treating several skin issues; however, one cannot deny that some risks & complications are also associated with it. In few cases, problems like skin burning, changed skin color, slight pain, or prickling are reported. These problems are not too serious or critical, and can be solved by consulting a trained surgeon. You would just have to follow a prescription & advice, and then you’ll be able to avoid any type of surgical risk.

Simple Laser and Endovenous Laser both are the far-fetched solutions to treat the cluster of veins in the skin, however, the assistance of an experienced doctor will make you sure to avoid the surgical risks and get the best possible results as well.