As you may have discovered by now, some parts of a woman’s body are predisposed to store fat, and no amount of exercise or diet can seem to melt them away.

Not anymore. With non-invasive fat reduction treatment using patented cooling technology, these stubborn fatty areas, such as those along the bra straps and underneath the buttocks, can be slimmed down for good.


Why Is Fat in Some Areas Hard to Lose?

A woman’s body tends to hold on to fat even when she’s serious with her diet and rigorous with her exercise. For pregnant women, they need to sustain their growing baby, and later, breastfeed their children.

This need for reliable source of sustenance in an unpredictable climate is the reason why it’s easy for women to get fat, and hard for them to lose it. The result: sagging skin in the belly arms, and thighs, and even under the chin, around the armpits, on the back, and underneath the buttocks.

Why Is Fat in Some Areas Hard to Lose

Even the fittest of women with low body fat percentage have pockets of fat in areas that have been designed by nature to store emergency fat.

If you have been sweating it hard without seeing improvement on those buldges, and you want body contouring on the abdomen, thighs and arms, as well as safe fat removal of your ‘banana rolls’ (fat below the buttocks), ‘bingo wings’ (flabby arms) or bulging back fat around your bra straps, there’s now a CoolMini applicator to treat these areas.

U.S. FDA Clearance for CoolMini

The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has given approval to Zeltiq to use its proprietary Coolsculpting technology to non-invasively treat the “bra roll” and the “banana roll.” Using a smaller cooling device, CoolSculpting has already been FDA-cleared for the treatment of submental fat (double chins) after millions of Coolsculpting treatment have proven effective against fat reduction on thighs, abdomen (muffin tops) and flank (love handles).

CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure has long been available in aesthetic clinics in Singapore. With the approval of this non-invasive fat removal treatment for pockets of fat that have been traditionally difficult to slim down, you can expect that the procedure is only going to get more popular. After all, the only other option in the past was liposuction. Consider Coolsculpting a type of non-surgical liposuction; all the benefits of fat removal without the risks and downtime of surgery.

How CoolSculpting Works

U.S. FDA Clearance for CoolMini

Fat cells have been found to be more sensitive to cold than the skin and the surrounding tissues. When exposed to cold temperatures, fat cells undergo a process known as apoptosis, a form of natural cell death that leads to the elimination of cells without the release of harmful substances to the surrounding area. This type of cell death is at work in the body every day; without it, old and unhealthy cells remain in the body and may cause harmful disease such as cancer.

This is the scientific principle that CoolSculpting is based on. Because there is no damage done to surrounding areas, a patient can resume her activities right away. The results can be seen in about three weeks after the treatment (others even report seeing slight improvements right away); the most dramatic results show over a period of one to three months. Because of its safe and effective profile, CoolSculpting has become a fat removal procedure of choice for millions of patients in medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore and in over 70 countries worldwide.