In the traditional skin care mantra of “cleanse, tone, and moisturize”, the second step or toning is commonly misunderstood. Some also skip it, believing that it does nothing for the skin. There are also those who argue that it is unnecessary, with reasons that it can dry out and irritate your face.

If you too are confused about what toners do, continue reading to learn what they are and find out if you should use one.

What exactly is a toner?

A toner is a liquid skin care product designed to remove traces of dirt, oil, and bacteria left on the face after cleansing. In the past, many toners contain alcohol, which tend to strip the skin of moisture, leaving it dry and irritated. Also, toners were considered unnecessary due to harsh ingredients and formulations. 

Todays, toners are much better and feature alcohol-free free formulas. Toners also contain different essential ingredients, depending on what your skin needs. There are toners that can reduce excess oil, lessen redness or flaking, and minimize the appearance of visible pores. 

Benefits of using a toner

As mentioned before, toners do more than remove the last traces of dirt or excess oil after washing the skin. Quality toners also prep the skin for other products or essential ingredients that you’ll apply. They can also address a number of skin concerns, including acne/excess oil, aging, and dryness.

You may also be glad to know that many toners today are specially formulated for different skin types. There are toners for oily/acne prone skin, which usually contain salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. There are also toners for dry and sensitive skin types, containing soothing and hydrating ingredients. 

Choosing a toner

When picking a toner, be sure to use a formula that is right for your skin concerns. If you, for instance, have oily or acne-prone skin, you can benefit from lightweight formulas or those with mattifying ingredients. If you, on the other hand, have dry or sensitive skin, choose hydrating formulas that can calm and soothe the skin. 

Just to be sure to avoid toners with alcohol, menthol, or denatured alcohol. You should also stay away from overly fragrant toners, as they can negatively affect the skin. You can consult a dermatologist or an aesthetic doctor for product and treatment recommendations that suit your skin. 

Using a toner

Toning is done after cleansing. You can do by putting the product on a cotton pad, and then gently swipe it over your face and neck. You can also sprinkle it into your hands and gently tap or press it onto your skin. Apply it after thoroughly washing your face, before using a face serum, cream, or moisturizer. 

You can use toners twice a day, but if your skin gets irritated, switch to using it once daily or every other day. Generally, you can use the product twice a day if you have oily skin and only once a day (at night) you have dry skin. Be sure to always follow with a moisturizer that is right for your skin type.

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