Health benefits of having low glycaemic index diet are strengthened with more research conclusions. Along with following other healthy nutrition guidelines, such as maintaining a low-sodium intake, choosing high-fibre food and consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat, health professionals also lay emphasis on low glycaemic diet.

Low-glycaemic diet serves as an age management medicine in the sense that it improves mood, increase energy, prevent disease from occurring and keep a check on blood sugar.

Improved Mood

One of the benefits of low-glycaemic healthy nutrition is that it improves our mood. Serotonin plays an important role in controlling our mood and people really are what they eat. Low glycaemic food results in slow and sustained release of insulin. This keeps the blood sugar level even and gradual rise in serotonin, due to this the person gets restful sleep, boosts one’s mood and there is less craving for food.

Increased Energy

Athletes maximize their energy and recovery time after weight exercises by maintaining their glycaemic index level correctly. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a complete professional, maintaining the right glycaemic level will keep you alert and focused throughout the day. Low glycaemic food is absorbed slowly by our body and thus we have uninterrupted energy for our working muscles.

Disease Prevention

Numerous studies have concluded that low glycaemic diet reduces the risk of breast cancer, gallbladder disease, and coronary artery disease and type-2 diabetes. Low glycaemic diet that is rich in fibre is even more beneficial. Low glycaemic fruits, whole grains, legumes and vegetables meet the guidelines for healthy nutrition. Sea food contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, so they should be enjoyed more often.

Better Insulin Control and Blood Sugar

American Diabetes Association explains how to live a healthy lifestyle and they recommend high fibre, low glycaemic food should be part of our healthy diet. People who consume low glycaemic food are able to keep their blood sugar under control and find fewer requirements for insulin. Maintain a balance in whatever you eat. Too much of anything is not good for our body.