After giving birth, many women are on a quest in getting their body back to the way it was before. This journey can take a while and become frustrating, particularly if strict diet and exercise brings little to no improvements

Cutis Laser Aesthetic Treatments

This is where aesthetic treatments come in, especially when you find yourself having challenges in achieving your goals. Non-invasive procedures are available to address post-pregnancy body concerns such as excess fat deposits in the abdomen, loose and saggy skin, as well as cellulite and stretch marks. 

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction for Stubborn Fats

Here at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, we offer a number of non-invasive fat reduction procedures that can target fat cells and reduce fat layer thickness without cuts and needles. These are ideal for addressing localized fat deposits (particularly on the abdomen) that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing 

Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that uses cold temperatures to freeze and kill fat cells. Exposure to low temperatures triggers the process of apoptosis or natural cell death. This causes the fat cells to die naturally and cleared through the lymphatic system, and processed as waste in the liver.

At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore, we have two safe and effective devices that use Cryolipolysis for fat reduction: CoolSculpting and Z Lipo.

  • CoolSculpting. This FDA-approved device features applicators of different sizes that suction fat bulges. It delivers controlled cooling technology to target and kill fat cells in the belly, arms, and thighs. It can also treat smaller areas in the body such as the double chin, knee fat, and bra fat in the armpit area.
  • Z Lipo. This device also works by suctioning the fat bulges in the arms, belly, thighs, and double chin. One thing that separates it from CoolSculpting is that it has two handpieces that can both be used in one session. This means that it can treat two areas at the same time, reducing the overall treatment time.

Both procedures require multiple treatments to see optimal improvements. Also, there is at least a 60 to 90 day window for the lymphatic system to break down and remove the fat cells naturally from the body. 

The treated fat cells are gone for good, which means that you won’t have to worry about them migrating to other areas of the body. Read our previous post to learn more about the different between CoolSculpting and Z Lipo fat freezing

Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME uses an FDA-cleared selective radiofrequency (RF) technology to disrupt the fat cells to the point of natural elimination. It delivers heat to the area, reducing inches off your arms, belly, and thighs. It solely targets the fat cells, which means that it will not harm your skin or muscle.

The effectiveness of Vanquish is based on the science of ‘impedance’ or the resistance of fat to heat compared to other body tissues. Higher resistance to heat only means that the fat cells can absorb more heat energy. This is helpful in triggering the process of apoptosis or natural cell death.

The treated fat cells will die over time and then be processed as waste in the liver and cleared naturally through the lymphatic system. Do take note that will take a few months to see the results, as your body takes time to remove all the dead fat cells naturally. 

You may also be glad to know that Vanquish in Singapore can contour your body without even touching your skin. The device just hovers over the area using a panel array of heat to target the fat cells. 

Skin Tightening for Loose and Sagging Skin

Exilis Ultra in Singapore is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can tighten the skin, kill fat cells, and promote collagen production. It combines two well-known safe energies – radiofrequency and ultrasound – to address face and body concerns without going under the knife.

This FDA-cleared aesthetic device comes with two applicators (small and big) that simultaneously delivers radiofrequency and ultrasound energies to target different areas of the face and body.

The small applicator heats the deep layers of the skin to promote collagen production. This is ideal for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the skin. This can be used on the face or other small areas of the body, including the hands and arms.

The big applicator, meanwhile, uses the same technology but with a controlled cooling system. This enables the heat to go deeper into fat layer to disrupt the fats cells, triggering natural cell death. Its cooling feature makes it safe to be used on different body parts that require tightening or contouring.

In general, the results can be seen at least after four to eight treatments, but it can still depend on your individual profile. A consultation with an experienced aesthetic doctor will let you know what to expect and how long will it take to see optimal results. 

Skin Firming for Stretch Marks and Cellulite Reduction

Acoustic Shockwave is a US FDA cleared non-invasive procedure that reduces stretch marks and cellulite. It helps stimulate collagen production, resulting in improved elasticity of the skin. It is also clinically proven for firming and tightening loose skin and improving the appearance of scars.

At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, we have two devices that use acoustic shockwave: BTL X-Wave and Zimmer Z Wave

The technology delivers acoustic waves into the body, leading to vibrations in the skin tissues. These vibrations break up the cell structures to make the tissues softer and more active. Then, the tissues relax and stretch, increasing firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.

Acoustic shockwave also improves blood flow and circulation in the treated area, bringing oxygen and nutrients to nourish the tissues. Acoustic pulses lead to production of new collagen, resulting in tighter and smoother skin.

The treatment has a multiple layer effect, with patients typically experiencing improvement in the skin’s texture and elasticity. This also includes dermal firming and reduction of aged and loose skin appearance. 

You can also read our previous post to learn why stretch marks appear and how to remove them effectively.

Schedule Your Body Assessment 

If you need help in getting your pre-baby body back, consider any of these treatments. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore today and schedule a body assessment and consultation with our aesthetic doctors to find out if you’re a good candidate for these procedures.