skinproductsIn the article, “Does your skin like your skin care products?” you learned about how to decide on the product as per your own skin type. Now, it’s time to learn about how one can purchase the products based on the ingredients.

Scroll below to learn about them:

  • Hydroxy Acids:

If you’ll see at the ingredients list at the back of the skin care products or chemical peels, you’ll find alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic or lactic acid) or beta-hydroxy acids (salicylic acid). This component has exfoliating element that makes it perfect for dull skin that has irregular layer on the top surface. So, if your concern is to improve skin color or texture, then the products having Hydroxy Acids would probably suit you. Also, this acid is helpful in treating acne problems, as it goes deep under the pores to show its effect.

As a side-effect, this acid would cause a bit of irritation when you’ll go out in sun. So apply sunscreen when you use products containing Hydroxy Acids.

  • Retinoids (Vitamin A):

Retinoids are used in several skin care products, as it is a form of Vitamin A. There is one another acid, i.e. tretinoin (brand name Retin-A) is a stronger form, so it’s prescribed only by the doctors or at the aesthetic clinics. As per the clinical studies, this acid is highly effective in case of skin texture and skin tone.

Retinoids have certain side effects, therefore before you buy any product containing this acid, do consult your physician. And it is must, in case you are pregnant.

  • Anti-oxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Idebenone and others):

The environmental issues like global warming, pollution, ultraviolet radiation, etc. has affected the skin of the humans. Other than these harmful environmental effects, cigarette smoking, diet, and others have also affected the skin texture. To get rid of the skin issues caused due to these reasons, anti-oxidants are an effective way out to prevent sun damage or aging.

Anti-oxidants like idebenone is effective in improving irregular skin tone and other signs of aging, Vitamin C is effective in stimulating collagen synthesis, and Vitamin E in treating many skin conditions.

  • Depigmenting Agents (Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and others):

Skin pigments, freckles, age spots, melisma are amongst those skin issues that women specifically are most concerned about. To treat them, de-pigmenting agents like Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and others are seen effective. So if you find these chemicals in the product, you consider for your skin concerns.

  • Other ingredients (Copper peptide, Topical Epidermal Growth Factors and others):

You may find other ingredients like copper peptide, and topical epidermal growth factors in skin care product. The products containing copper peptide promote collagen and elastin production & improve the body’s ability to repair tissue injury. In case, you have to buy ointments for healing wounds, then products containing topical epidermal growth factor would be helpful. Also, the ingredients like copper peptide or epidermal growth factor helps in treating photoaged skin.

Several ingredients which would suit your skin type and many others would be harmful; so make sure that you use the product that your skin loves & it would equally love it back.