Face washing is intended to remove oil and dirt to give the skin a fresh look. Unfortunately, many of us may have unknowingly picked up bad cleansing habits that can do more harm than good. These lead to compromised skin quality that can also add more years to our appearance. 


If you want face washing to do what it is intended to do, you need to watch out for some bad habits that can result in the opposite. Here are some mistakes you need to ditch right now and what to do instead. 

Over Washing

When it comes to cleansing your face, do it no more than twice daily. Overdoing it is not the key to a fresh appearance, as it can only irritate your skin and accelerate aging. It is advisable, however, to wash your face after  a workout or sweating heavily to avoid oil and dirt from clogging your pores.

Using a Harsh Cleanser

When choosing a facial cleanser, avoid bar soaps or those that contain alcohol. Face washes with harsh additives can dry and irritate your skin, which can then speed up aging. It is best to choose a non-soap cleanser or a face wash that is right for your skin type. Here are some good recommendations:

  • Perfecting cleanser with rose hip seed – This facial cleanser is a deep wash formulated for all skin types. It uses natural oils and extracts to cleanse the skin while leaving a soft, supple appearance. It also delivers the regenerative process of Rose Hip Seed oil and other nourishing vitamins to invigorate the skin. 
  • Deep cleanser  with AHA – This cleansing product is ideal for those with oily and problematic skin. It contains Glycolic Acid (AHA) to reach deep into the skin to remove excess oil and exfoliate dead skin cells. It is also rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizing ingredients to manage problematic skin.

Using Too Hot or Cold Water

Cleansing or rinsing your face with hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Cold water, on the other hand, may not be as harsh as hot water, but it is not that effective in removing excess oil and dirt. It is best to stick to lukewarm water to get clean and healthy skin. 


While exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and improves skin tone, overdoing it can lead to irritation and dryness. The same is also true for scrubbing your face aggressively or using a harsh exfoliator. What you should do is exfoliate gently and avoid doing it more than two times a week. 

Not Removing Makeup

It is sometimes tempting to go to bed without removing your makeup, especially if you’re tired. While this habit can help you save time, it won’t benefit your skin in the long run. Going to bed with concealer, foundation, and other cosmetic products on can clog your pores and ruin your complexion.  

Overusing Facial Wipes

Although facial wipes provide a quick way to cleanse your face or remove makeup, it shouldn’t replace regular facial washing. This is because the use of this product can cause you to repetitively tug and rub your skin. Relying too much on facial wipes can also lead to premature wrinkling and pigmentation.

Not Using a Moisturizer Afterwards

Washing your face properly with the right product  is important for your skin health and so is the thing you do after cleansing. Make it a point to apply moisturizer after drying your face to help lock in moisture. Here are some products worth considering:

  • Deep hydrating moisturizer – This strengthens and re-hydrates the skin without the use of oil-based ingredients. This is a good choice for those with oily and acne-prone skin, as it can restore moisture without clogging the pores. It has Seaweed Extract combined with Hyaluronic Acid to provide the skin with superior levels of hydration.
  • Hyaluronic moisturizer with Argireline and Kojic acid – This lightweight daily use cream offers hydrating and radiance enhancing properties. It provides additional anti-aging benefits with clinically proven Argireline and DermaPeptide to stimulate healthy cell production, reduce wrinkle formation, and increase skin’s smoothness.

Don’t let these face washing habits ruin your skin and accelerate aging. Tweak your skin care routine now and make sure to check labels and ingredients when choosing your products. Contact us today or visit this page to find the right cleanser for your skin.