Few people realize that excess abdominal fat, especially excess fatty deposits around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity (called visceral body fat), is far more damaging to health and longevity than simply being “overweight.”

Fat business man with a big belly

When excess abdominal fat accumulates, research indicates a strong correlation with cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and even some types of cancer. In addition, excessive abdominal fat is also associated with Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

Despite these known risks, reduction of stubborn abdominal fat through diet and exercise alone is frequently challenging, especially as we age, leaving us vulnerable to age-related disease and premature death. New research has shown that a specialized peptide complex isolated through a natural fermentation process can reduce calorie intake and reduce the tendency for abdominal fat accumulation from excess calories. In one study, individuals lost, on average, nearly two full inches of waist circumference—about two belt sizes!

Studies reveal that the deadly consequences of excess abdominal fat is associated with a:
• 44% increase in cardiovascular disease risk,
• 43% increase in cancer risk,
• 233% increase in risk of death from all causes,
• 700% increase in cardiovascular death risk,
• 116% increase (in women) in the risk of a recurrent cardiovascular event of any kind following a known heart attack.

The good news is that just as abdominal fat increases your risk for chronic diseases, strong evidence shows that weight loss—particularly in the abdominal region—can significantly reduce many of the metabolic risks that lead to early death, such as serum triglycerides, systolic blood pressure, and biomarkers of insulin resistance and inflammation.

The problem is that substantial reductions in excess abdominal fat are difficult for most aging people, and exercise and dietary changes alone are often inadequate. Even those aging individuals who manage to find the discipline to work out regularly and restrict their diets are often unable to fully rid themselves of stubborn abdominal fat.

Source: Feb 2015, Life Extension