If you are annoyed by freckles, liver spots and age spots, correct use of hydroquinone under the supervision of a skin care specialist goes a long way in preventing dark spots and other blemishes from ruining your otherwise flawless complexion.

Erase Dark Spots

Hyperpigmentation Treatment with Hydroquinone

Dr. Sylvia’s Advanced Clear Skin Program includes a 3-step regimen to achieve that clear and glowing complexion from deep within. After cleansing and toning, apply Dr. Sylvia’s Skin Lightener 3 which contains 4% hydroquinone to help inhibit melanin production.

The Exfoliator Forte 4, applied after the Skin Lightener, contains AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) that helps make dead skin cells easier to remove and make way for better absorption of lightening products. Finally, Dr. Sylvia’s Balancer 5, which also contains 4% hydroquinone, works in the deeper layers of the skin and acts as an enriching agent so results are achieved at the cellular level. Each one can be used individually or as part of Dr. Sylvia’s Advanced Clear Skin Program.

Using Laser for Pigmentation Removal

Many aesthetic laser clinics in Singapore offer photo facial therapy as a safe, non-invasive yet effective option especially for those who easily get allergic to topical applications. Photo facial therapy uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), laser-like light such as in Limelight Facial that targets the to player of the skin so freckles, brown spots, age spots, broken blood vessels and fine lines fade away in time.

Serums and Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Dark Spots

If your under-eye area could use some brightening up, use an eye serum that reduces inflammation and pigmentation, such as Dr. Sylvia’s Dark Circles No More. For under eyes treatment of tear trough, consider getting Juvederm or Restylane from a filler doctor in Orchard area. Both fillers are made of hyaluronic acid gel that most closely resembles skin tissue and dissolves quite easily.

Under Eye Dark Spots

Removing Pigmentation Using Natural Plant Sources

 It is no surprise that many skin lightening products are derived from plant sources. Vitamin C, a potent molecule involved in all stages of collagen synthesis and a skin lightener itself, can be derived from lemon and other citrus fruits.

If you are looking to do some DIY skin lightening regimen, you can mix lemon with refined sugar and create a facial paste which rich in glycolic acid. You can also apply these to other darkened spots, but understand that lemons are going to make you sun-sensitive. You need to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 like Dr. Sylvia Skin Care Oil Free Sun Protection to prevent your skin from getting burned (or you will risk developing darker spots than when you first stated).

Turmeric paste made of turmeric powder and olive oil (to prevent the paste from staining fabric) is also thought to have skin lightening properties, thanks to its prominent place in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric, when paired with besan (garbanzo bean flour) and raw milk, also makes great exfoliant pre-wedding (in what Indians call a ‘haldi’ ceremony).

The common aloe vera stem has mild skin lightening properties if used fresh and applied directly to the skin. Its lightening effect might have something to do with smoothening out rough patches and moisturizing dry skin so the mottled look disappears. Aloe Vera is easy to grow, so you can have your very own skin rejuvenation ingredient within reach.