Ageing would perhaps be less complicated if the only problem it presents are nothing more than crow’s feet.


But growing old is more complicated, manifesting itself in a host of issues that are not easily concealed by cosmetics or clothes.

As if wrinkles are not enough, there is also sagging, enlarged pores, brown spots and mottled appearance, freckles and sun damage. You can easily get overwhelmed if you are faced with these concerns all at once.

Be assured, however, that an aesthetic laser clinic worth its certification has an array of treatments for every imagined skin problem you have.

What Lasers Can Do

Plenty. For starters, intense pulsed light (IPL) draws out brown spots – usually the culprit for that mottled appearance –  from the deeper layers of the skin so they come to the surface, scab and fall off. Topical applications only deal with the problem at the surface; IPL gets to the root of the problem to minimize recurrence.

An IPL system called Limelight can also be programmed by a skin care specialist so that its wavelengths treat many skin problems at once, a huge convenience if you do not have the luxury of time for preparation of recovery. With Limelight Facial, not only is pigmentation reduced, but so are freckles and fine lines minimized, pores shrunk, and sun damage reversed.

IPL facial offers a one-stop-shop solution to a host of problems that you often need to correct using different products – sunscreen to prevent sun damage, pore minimizer, injectables for wrinkles, and brighteners for pigmentation. IPL comes highly recommended when you face these concerns all at once, because it saves you time and hassle, and once you realize that all those products can easily add up, money.

Laser for Collagen Production

IPL facial can also do wonders on the second layer of the skin. This layer can be stimulated so collagen production is enhanced leading to less visible wrinkles, sagging and laxity. Laser clinics in Singapore usually combine Limelight with Laser Genesis in order to shrink pores, eliminate redness, erase sun damage, and even out mottled complexion.

Ageing and sun exposure break down the skin’s support structure called collagen. Along with elastin, collagen holds up the top layers of the skin so when it breaks down, a collection of skin problems ensue. To address the common signs of aging such as laxity, sagging and deep lines, infrared light has been utilized to stimulate new collagen growth.

Skin Tightening by Infrared Light

In a procedure known as Titan, aesthetic clinics in Singapore employ light energy to heat the deep dermis and initiate collagen contraction. Afterwards, new collagen grows, and this growth further results to tighter. Folds, lines and laxity become less visible. If you are looking for non-invasive procedures to help treat fine lines in the eye area, sagging cheeks, loose jowls, and folds in the neck, Titan achieves the outcomes you want without the attendant risks, cost and downtime of surgery.

3D Skin Rejuvenation

Looking young need not be painful or costly. Put together all three treatments, and you get a holistic 3D Skin Rejuvenation program that you will keep returning to as you blow more candles on your cake.