iiaWe know that a beautiful persona makes you feel self-confident that brings a positive approach for you to consider everything in a unique way. But, if there is any stain or any other skin issue on the face, it may not only ruin the beauty of your persona, but also may decrease their self-confidence.

When it comes to Acne, it is one of the common skin issues, which become a blemish for a beautiful persona. Normally, there are about 85 percent of people, who aged 14 to 24 to some the extent deal with this type of skin issue. However, acne can arise at any age, but it usually shows up in the course of adolescence, when hormones originate to flow. It is affected by an amalgamation of extreme sebum production, dead skin cells, and a form of bacteria that is known as P. acnes. Simply, we can say that it is a medical condition, which is not your fault, as it is caused by hormonal changes.

Acne: Different conditions and initial stage

Do you know all acnes are not same? Yes, it is true. There are different types of acne issues and you may misunderstand about adult acne, Acne Rosacea that is a completely different condition. When we talk about treatment for this type of acne, it also differs from the treatment of Acne Vulgaris. If you are adult and your acne is new, then you should go for the medical evaluation as soon as possible, so that you can get the right care for this condition. The first stage of forming acne is known as Comedo (KOM-e-do) or Comedone that is an enlarged and plugged pore. If you don’t go to treat this first stage of the acne, then it can progress to more severe forms.

What makes acne worse?

Many situations are there that can make the acne worse, where having contraceptive pills is one of the conditions that can make this type of skin issue inferior. Do you know acne may develop under the tight clothes? Yes, sweating and friction under the tight clothes such as tight bra straps, thigh collars, thigh headbands may call the acne issue. When you use greasy make up, it is another reason of causing the acne worse, so it is good to use oil-free products, as these are really helpful for acne prone skin types. Squeezing it can also cause further inflammation and scarring. Moreover, some of the drugs can also become the reason of making your acne worse; for intense, phenytoin that several people take for epilepsy and steroid creams & ointments that are used for eczema.

How laser cure the acne?

No doubt that topical creams and oral medications can be effective procedures to get rid of acne issue, but they can cost you high and can cause the dryness & irrigation to your sensitive skin as well. Acne that occurs on the large surface area such as back and chest can be difficult to cure with traditional methods. But when it comes to laser treatment for acne, it can deliver better aesthetic results. When you will approach the aesthetic clinic to get the solution for this type of skin issue, the doctor would suggest you to undergo the laser procedure, as it doesn’t cause you any side effects that are normally associated with topical and oral acne medications. Acne laser cure targets and abolishes the skin bacteria and becomes liable for acne to assist prevent future breakouts from taking place on your face, chest, and back.

During the treatment, the doctor uses tiny lasers to target the different areas of the skin that are affected with acne, and remove the damaged areas of the skin as well. When the doctor with the use of laser removes the damaged skin, it allows you to get skin rejuvenation, leaving your skin scar and acne free. Laser cure doesn’t require any incision, and so, it allows you to ignore the fear of any pain. A good surgeon is able to adjust with skin type and skin tone, and so, it becomes possible for you with any skin type to take the benefit of laser cure. As laser treatment allows you to get the recovery in few days, you can go back to your work soon.

Really, laser treatment is such an incredible gift of technology to us that not only gives solution for acne removal, but also helps for skin tightening, hair removal, cheek filler and many other skin issues.