Have you just been engaged? You probably want to show off that ring, if only you have beautiful hands to go with it. Thankfully, there are non-invasive yet highly effective treatment options available for anyone who wants to show their hands up close.

The hands are the last part you look at when you first meet a person, but it’s actually the first part of the body that tells a person’s actual age. Because of frequent washing, pulling in more than their fair share of load, daily wear and tear, loss of collagen through natural ageing, and general neglect, aging skin on your hands don’t lie when it comes to your calendar age.


Like wearing a scarf to hide your turkey neck, you can wear gloves to hide your hands, but that would be inconvenient if not funny. What you can do is to give your hands the skin rejuvenation it deserves with these handy tips (no pun intended).


By gloves, this means gloves to protect your hands while they are hard at work, be it in the garden, in the kitchen sink, or on your steering wheel. By creating a physical barrier between your hands and external elements that contribute to its aging, you’ll have fewer lines, sun spots, veins, and dryness to deal with.


You have sunscreen for your delicate face, your unlined neck, and your creaseless cleavage. And when you do apply sunscreen to your hands, they are more often an after-thought. So you get sneaky UVA damage while driving (UVA rays penetrate glass) or sitting at a desk by a window. Show your hands some care and slather it with a generous amount of broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep photodamage to a minimum.


The hands are always in contact with water, which is unfortunate because more water means more dryness, and more dryness means more wrinkling. A thick cream can replenish lost moisture and lock it in. The hands also benefit from the same products you use on your face. So after swiping an anti-oxidant rich serum on your face, try to get some anti aging cream on the back of your hands. Apply sunscreen afterwards.

Intense Pulsed Light

If you don’t apply sunscreen, you’ll earn a collection of age spots on the back of your hands, like they do on the hands of your grandparents.

For sun damage already done, try corrective pigmentation skin treatment like intense pulsed light or IPL. IPL treatment such as Limelight by Cutera uses broad-spectrum (more diffuse) light that heats up targeted brown spots, causing them to darken, flake and fall off following the treatment.

Dermal Fillers

If there’s one place where you want fat to hang around, it’s in your hands. Why? Because the fat on your hands cushion your veins, and when fat thins out, your veins start to show. When it comes to hands, veins are the last ones you want to see.

Radiesse has received FDA-approval for specific use on the back of the hands by addressing volume loss and therefore reducing the appearance of veins and tendons.

In Singapore, where non-surgical plumping and volumizing treatments have become quite in demand, a filler doctor in Orchard area injects Radiesse under the skin on the back of the hand to achieve plumpness. Results are temporary but could last for up to a year.


A veiny hand looks more aged with wrinkles in the mix. To complement the results of dermal fillers and IPL, invest in laser treatments to soften fine lines on your hands. Not only do you see result at the topmost layer, but you also get benefit in the second layer of your skin.

An aesthetic laser clinic in Singapore often combines Limelight with Laser Genesis to achieve younger looking skin on the face, neck, chest area and hands. Laser Genesis by Cutera can be considered a collagen treatment because not only does it shrink pores and improve texture but also stimulate the creation of new collagen to tighten sagging skin on the back your hand.

With a range of treatment options to keep your digits looking younger for longer, your hands are ready for their close-up.