Because it’s largely a taboo topic, self-pleasure may not be as common a topic of conversation among women than among men, but it is equally important to women’s sexual health and overall well-being as sexual intercourse is with a partner. There’s still some stigma attached to female masturbation, perhaps because women are taught not to overstep certain boundaries of propriety. But masturbating is as much a basic need as eating and sleeping, regardless of what religions, cultures, and upbringings have preached against it. And if numbers are any indication, women need to be convinced more that there should be no guilt attached to pleasuring one’s self.

Unlike men, only about 8% of women aged 25-29 masturbate two to three times a week (according to Indiana University’s National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior) as opposed to more than 23% for men. The numbers are not so dismal, however, if you take into account younger and older women: The Kinsey Institute says that more than half of American women aged 18-49 masturbate at least once every three months, a number that holds true for both single women and women in relationships.

Female Masturbation

So while it’s not yet part of mainstream conversation, female masturbation is as much a fact of life for women as it is for men.

To help dispel the misinformation surrounding female masturbation, here are a few things you might want to know about “ménage a moi.”

Masturbation helps to get you to know your body better

What better, and more pleasurable, way to know your body – and your hot buttons! – than to explore all its nooks and crevices? One way to help you figure out if you have sufficient vaginal tone to respond to stimulation is by exploring yourself. Among women, vaginal laxity is a real concern, and gets in the way of a satisfying sexual relationship. Armed with this information, women can take matters into their own hands – quite literally! – to find ways to address that feeling of looseness. Perhaps they want to know if there is a vaginal tightening procedure performed in an aesthetic laser clinic that does not involve surgery (there is), or if the vaginal laxity treatment currently available will leave their sensations intact (with non-invasive procedure, sensations are left intact).

Masturbation helps you to stay sexual even if you don’t have sex with a partner

If you are in between relationships, or yet to start one, the only way to get you sexual is for you to masturbate. It’s like turning on the ignition of your car every now and then even if you actually don’t take it out for a spin around town. By stimulating yourself sexually, you help keep the tissues elastic and the blood flowing. Even better, you prime your brain by thinking of sex regularly, so when a partner does arrive, you will be in a better position – no pun intended ! – to enjoy sexual intercourse more.

If you do have concerns about vaginal laxity at this point, it helps to know that there is now a non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure in laser clinics in Singapore that lets you enjoy sex as much as you did, when you had the vaginal tone before childbirth. Viveve uses a treatment tip to cool and gently heat vaginal tissue to strengthen them and stimulate collagen production. It’s a painless, non-surgical lunchtime in-office treatment with no post-procedure downtime

Masturbation helps release physical and psychological tension

Endorphins, that feel-good hormone, flood your body after orgasm, so what better way to overrun cortisol build up that causes stress? Orgasm has been known to relieve headaches and menstrual cramps because of that rush of endorphins, and that same rush breaks up tension to relax your body and put you to sleep faster. Of course, orgasm is best achieved if you are sensitive to stimulation, something that may not come easy if you feel loose down there. The Viveve treatment procedure performed in medical clinic Singapore increases vaginal tightness by delivering pulses of radiofrequency energy to the collagen fibers that make up the underlying vaginal tissues. Vaginal tissues react to the energy by stimulating the production of new collagen which happens on the cellular level. The result is heightened sensation to help you achieve orgasm more regularly.

Masturbation has zero downsides to it

Despite what women may have been programmed since childhood, masturbation doesn’t harm the body or psyche. As longs it’s not getting in the way of your day to day life or relationships, pleasuring yourself is an effective – and fantastic! – way to let off steam, satisfy your libido, and be more comfortable with what you are given.

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