When it comes to removing unwanted hair, many of us resort to conventional methods like shaving, tweezing, and waxing. If this is the same for you, you have probably spent hours laboriously trying to get rid of unwanted hair in order to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.


What’s wrong with conventional methods?

While such methods to remove unwanted hair are easily available, they are time-consuming and difficult to keep up with.

Besides from having the hair growing back in a few days, traditional methods include side effects such as having cuts and abrasions, ingrown hairs (razor bumps), and irritation, especially with shaving.

If you, on the other hand, choose to wax, the treated area can be tender and painful the whole day after the treatment. This can also cause redness and inflammation in some cases.

Tweezing, meanwhile, can be painful and laborious, with the hair growing back the similar texture within a week. Plucking by tweezing can also increase your chances of having chicken skin (bumps) especially on the underarms whenever the skin is constantly being pulled outward.

How can I get rid of unwanted hair effectively?

The good news is you no longer have to put up with such methods and their side effects to have smooth, hairless skin.

Whether you’re dealing with unwanted hair on your face, underarms, chest, legs, or any body part, Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore has three permanent hair reduction devices that are suitable for your concerns and skin type.

Here are some advantages of undergoing safe and effective Hair Removal Treatments:

  • It can directly target and destroy the hair follicle underneath the skin
  • Hair growth is slower and the hair is lesser
  • Less time consuming as one session can include different areas of the face and other body parts such as underarms, chest, back, bikini and intimate areas.
  • Safe and effective for every skin type especially those with sensitive skin

How many sessions do I need?

Regardless of the device, you will need at least 8-12 sessions to see an effective and lasting hair removal results.

Why so much? The reason is because only about 10-15% of hair is permanently treated in one session. Hence, you will need several sessions to make sure that every hair is treated. The interval of the treatment can be done 3 to 6 weeks apart.

To find out more, let us discuss the basics of these three hair removal devices, followed by simple guidelines before booking your appointment.

Laser Hair Removal

Being the most popular and widely-known treatment, Laser Hair Removal uses pulses of laser light to give you long-lasting hair removal results.

With laser hair removal, the pigments in the individual hair absorb the light, which then damages the hair follicles. As the heat continues to destroy the follicles, future hair growth is stopped or disabled.

At Cutis Laser Clinics, we have the Cutera CoolGlide, which deliver 21st-century technology for permanent hair reduction. It is the best laser hair removal system on the market and can work well on all skin types and tones, from light to darker skin, including tanned patients.

Quick Tip:

Although Laser Hair Removal is effective, it is important to understand that the effectiveness of the hair removal procedure will depend on whether it is suitable for your skin type. This is why a ‘first consultation’ with your aesthetic doctor is a must.

Another important thing to remember is that Laser Hair Removal does not guarantee permanent results but only ‘permanent hair reduction’. One of the most common misconceptions about laser hair removal in Singapore is that can remove 100% of the hair.

The truth is it can only get rid of about 80 to 90% of your hair and any left behind should be light and fine. You will also need touch-up treatments to maintain good results.

Prowave IPL Hair Removal

The Cutera Prowave IPL (intense pulsed light) is US FDA-approved hair removal system that delivers a tailored light source for permanent hair reduction. In this procedure, the pigments in the hair absorb the special light, which then diminishes the ability of the follicles to grow further.

The best parts about IPL is that can treat different body parts like the face, as well as large areas like the men’s chest, back, and legs. It also has multiple wavelengths and can deliver light to hundreds of hair follicles at a time.

IPL Hair Removal is suitable to those with fair to medium fair skin. Prowave also has an adjustable setting to make sure that every session is optimized to treat a specific skin type resulting in effective hair removal.

There is minimal discomfort with IPL hair removal, but no medication or anesthesia is required. However, topical numbing cream can be applied before the procedure to reduce the pinching or stinging sensation.

Just like the previous treatment, you will also need multiple sessions or touch-ups with to see desirable results.

LHE Hair Removal

Light Heat Energy (LHE) hair removal uses the healing energies of both light and heat to effectively remove hair without damaging the surrounding skin. It targets melanin in the hair shaft then converts light to heat inside the follicle. The combination of energies results in the destruction of hair follicles.

It can deal with unwanted hair in your face and body, including larger areas like the back, making it a great hair removal treatment for men who are tired of shaving.

LHE also allows the use of lower fluence (light energy) levels and increases the safety margin, especially for more sensitive skin types.

At Cutis Laser Clinics, we use the Touch Elite with LHE technology, which maintains a high level of efficacy. It is an industry standard for safety and performance and offers an advance permanent hair reduction solution.

Just like IPL and laser hair removal, you will also require several sessions of LHE to see optimal results.

Simple guidelines before booking your appointment

The right hair removal device will depend on your skin type and this can be discussed during a consultation with a skilled aesthetic doctor.

It is also advisable to avoid the following things before the treatment:

  • Avoid shaving the area of concern at least 24 to 48 hours before the procedure. The hairs need to be long enough for stubble to be visible

  • Don’t wax or tweeze the area at least two weeks before your laser appointment. Some hair growth from follicles is necessary to perform an effective treatment.

  • Avoid artificial tanning or sun exposure (without sun protection) about two weeks before and after a hair removal treatment. You may have to reschedule your appointment if you have a tan or sunburned skin, as altered skin color has a higher sensitivity to the procedure.

Schedule your Consultation Today

You can now toss away your razor or get rid of your tweezers with these hair removal treatments.

Contact Cutis Laser Clinics today and schedule a consultation with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, to find out which hair removal method is suitable for your skin.

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