While cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes, it is a lot more common among those with excess body fat. Weight loss is said to help reduce the appearance of skin dimpling, but it is often easier said than done. This is especially true if you have fat bulges in stubborn areas like the belly, hips, and thighs.

Melt Fat Away and Reduce Cellulite with Exilis Ultra 360

If you are in the market for cellulite and weight loss solutions, there is no single or miracle treatment that can guarantee results. Positive lifestyle changes are your best bet, which include eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise. You can also get help from a non-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening procedure like Exilis Ultra 360.

So, what is Exilis Ultra 360?

BTL Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive device that can provide head-to-toe rejuvenation. It combines radiofrequency (RF) waves and ultrasound energy to melt the fat cells underneath while stimulating collagen production. The combination of two energies provides a synergistic effect while enabling a more efficient energy delivery to the tissues.

It has applicators of two sizes (small and big) to treat and address different face and body concerns. The small applicator is mainly for reducing the look of lines and wrinkles on the face and tightening skin in smaller areas of the body. It heats the deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen production.

For fat reduction and skin tightening, the big applicator is used. It heats the fat layers, targeting the fat cells and triggering apoptosis or natural cell death. This applicator also features a controlled cooling feature technology, providing additional patient comfort. It is ideal for fat reduction, contouring, and tightening different areas of the body.

What can you expect with Exilis Ultra 360?

The Exilis applicator delivers monopolar RF energy with ultrasound, penetrating fat layers. It targets, kills, and eliminates fat cells, reducing fat layer thickness in the treated area. Exilis also helps stimulate the production of new collagen to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite appearance. 

Many patients report seeing visible improvements after just a single session, but do take note that collagen remodeling takes about 90 days. The results usually improve over a period of 3 months. You may need about 2 to 4 treatments or more depending on the condition of your skin, scheduled a week apart. 

Safe, effective, and virtually no side effects

Exilis Ultra 360 is safe and effective for all areas of the face and body. Clinical studies suggest that the treatment is proven to eliminate fat, tighten skin, contour tissue, and improve the skin’s appearance without any cuts, downtime, and discomfort.

Most patients describe the treatment as painless, comparing the sensation to a hot stone massage. There is also no numbing cream or anesthetics required during treatment. The procedure, furthermore, has virtually no side effects. You may experience minor redness and irritation, but both usually resolve within a few hours. 

Other lifestyle tips for cellulite:

Avoid yo-yo dieting – Constantly adding or losing weight (vice versa) can damage collagen fibers and elastic structure. This is because it repeatedly stretches and shrinks the skin, making your cellulite worse or more visible. 

Consider dry brushing – This involves brushing the skin using a soft-bristled brush. This can help in boosting circulation and plumping up the skin, which is said to temporarily make skin dimpling less visible.

Stay active – Lack of physical activity can lead to excess weight and make existing cellulite more visible. Also, sitting throughout the day can weaken blood vessels and negatively affect skin firmness, making the look of skin dimpling worse. 

Mind your diet – Unhealthy foods can cause you to pack on more kilos, worsening the appearance of cellulite. Salty foods are also known to increase water retention, result in bloating and more water weight, which can then make cellulite more visible. 

Use a self-tanner – If you have light skin and want to make cellulite less noticeable, a self-tanner can help. Do take note, however, that this technique is only a temporary solution. Also, be sure not to go with sun tanning or use tanning beds, as they can damage your skin and lessen its elasticity. 

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