Ever wondered why your skin seems to be dull, breaking out, or looking older when you’re overwhelmed with stress? Well, this is because stress can cause the skin to become sensitive and reactive. It can increase inflammation, worsen existing skin conditions, and impair wound healing.

Ease Stress and De-Stress Your Skin

Elevated cortisol (stress hormone) levels are known to increase sebum production, which can lead to oily skin, clogged pores, and more breakouts. Too much cortisol can also break down collagen and elastin, contributing to premature skin aging with the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. 

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De-stressing and having a skincare routine

Relaxing or de-stressing can be good not just for your mind, but also for your skin and overall health. This is particularly true if you’ve been busy or feeling overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities. As relaxation can improve how you feel on the inside, this can also show up on your skin.

Creating or sticking to a daily skincare routine is one good way to take better care of your skin and stay on top of underlying problems. Having a routine, furthermore, is also a form of self-care that can benefit your mental health. The energy and the effort you put into keeping your skin healthy are known to have mood-boosting benefits. 

A meaningful skincare routine can also:

  • Be calming and soothing
  • Offer a safe space to relax and take care of your skin and body
  • Help create a structure and a sense of stability in your day
  • Be fun (by trying new products, having a spa day at home, or going to an aesthetic clinic for a facial or chemical peel)
  • Give you the self-care you deserve
  • Help improve your skin and your confidence
  • Strengthen your self-worth

How to ease stress and de-stress your skin

Relaxing, which can include following a good skincare routine, benefits both your mental health and skin. Below are a few things that can help decrease your stress levels, as well as de-stress your skin. 

Choose products right for your skin type – Having a skincare routine matters, but so is choosing the right products. Keep in mind that using the wrong ones can worsen existing problems and lead to the development of new ones, increasing your stress levels. If you’re looking for quality or medical-grade products, consider Dr. Sylvia Skin Care. We have cleansers, toner, and moisturizers for different skin types. We also have broad-spectrum sunscreens, eye creams, and anti-aging serums

Be aware of your habits that occur when you’re stressed – If you, for instance, pick or touch your face when you’re overwhelmed, create reminders like placing notes on your computer, phone, and other things you use on a daily basis. Check out our previous post on how to avoid touching your face

Get regular exercise – Sweating while working out can unclog your pores, which can help manage breakouts. Exercise can also improve circulation to your face and other parts of the body, which helps nourish skin cells and carries away waste products to cleanse your skin from the inside. Just make sure to wash your face and change into clean, dry clothes after sweating out. 

Get enough sleep – Aim to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Sleep allows your body to recuperate and repair daytime damage. It also helps your skin make more collagen, which is beneficial in preventing sagging and wrinkles. 

Practice stress management techniques – These include yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. The good news is there are numerous resources online that can guide you on how you meditate. You can also check out (online/physical) classes for yoga or reach out to a therapist for further guidance on meditation.

Eat a nutrient-rich diet – Choose whole foods, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Having a nutrient-rich diet can help keep your skin healthy and reduce your risk of developing certain diseases. This can also help you avoid weight gain and boost your immunity. 

Continue taking care of your skin – This means wearing sunscreen whenever going out, moisturizing daily, and removing your makeup before sleep. Also, consider seeing a skin or aesthetic doctor if you have skincare problems you wish to improve or tackle. If you, for instance, are worried about dull skin and pigmentation, treatments like VI Peel, Limelight, and Laser Genesis are worth considering. 

Browse through our blog today for more skincare tips and product recommendations. Don’t hesitate to contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore and schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor to learn which non-invasive procedures can help you achieve a clear and glowing complexion.

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