When it comes to changing the way you look and shaping your body, you may want to think about CoolSculpting. Without undergoing liposuction or surgery you can get rid of unwanted fat bulges and pouches by using CoolSculpting in Singapore.CoolSculpting in Singapore

Non-surgical fat removal procedure is a good option for those problem areas that just don’t want to go away even when we workout diligently to lose weight.

You can now say goodbye to your love handles and enjoy a great looking and curved body shape. You can wear your favourite dress that you had always wanted to as your clothes will fit you better. Before you contact a CoolSculpting clinic lets us first understand how this procedure works and if you are the right candidate for it or not.

What Coolsculpting does not do?

It is important to understand the limitations of this procedure and what results can you expect from it before starting this treatment. A certified CoolSculpting clinic is not a weight loss program center thus, it cannot treat obesity or overweight. You need to be within the optimal BMI ratio in order to get the maximum benefit.

Another important thing to remember is that CoolSculpting is not a weight reduction procedure but a fat reduction one. For some people this might mean the same, but there is a difference between the two terms.

In weight loss procedure the size of fat cells is reduced through regular exercise and various medical procedures. On the other hand, in case of fat removal procedure the fat cells are killed and removed from your body. However, the fat bulges that are treated by CoolSculpting are those fat deposits that do not respond to exercise or diet.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

One of the biggest benefits of this non-surgical fat removal procedure is that no cuts will be made on your body and you will not be put on anaesthesia. This means that there is no risk of catching any infection. The procedure takes one to two hours depending upon the area being treated. Make sure that the clinic from where you get the treatment has good reputation. Even though this procedure is simple still there are some technicalities involved to make it effective.

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