It’s true that wrinkles are more of a cosmetic than a medical concern. While they don’t pose a threat to one’s general health, wrinkles may affect your sense of well-being and cause you emotional distress. For some people, that’s enough reason to seek wrinkles treatment.

Wrinkle Treatments

If your economic situation allows you to address your wrinkle problems, and you feel that getting them smoothened out will give you satisfaction, then get the appropriate treatment in the same way you would address a medical concern. The only difference is that wrinkle treatments are generally not covered by medical insurance.

Here are your options.

Botulinum Toxin (or more commonly known as Botox) – Smooth Out Wrinkles Fast

There is joy to embracing everything that comes with age, but for a few, either for personal or job-related reasons, wrinkles may be last on their birthday wish. Perhaps they just want to have the kind of wrinkles that are consistent with age, but not the kind of deep creases and folds that remind them of unprotected days under the sun.


Worry lines across the forehead and crow’s feet are often the most visible because of their location, but they are also the most easily treated by Botox injections, which are FDA-approved for forehead wrinkles treatment.

The smoothening of these wrinkles is temporary, lasting up to 3 months, but as Botox is injected into these areas over time, less and less of it is needed because the muscles have become relaxed enough that they no longer tense and create creases. In many Botox clinic in Singapore, Botox can also be injected to relax the masseter muscles (that control jaw movements) to help alleviate unconscious grinding of the teeth.

Dermal Fillers – Fill In and Plump Up

Furrows of depressed wrinkles or deeper lines that form independent of facial expressions can be corrected by dermal fillers. Dermal fillers use components that are biocompatible or completely broken down by the body (hyaluronic acid, calcium-based microspheres, poly-L lactic acid).

They are a type of collagen treatment in that they provide instant volume lifting and contouring while stimulating production of collagen for long lasting results. These fillers can be applied under the eyes, along nasolabial folds, and along lines running from the corners of the mouth down to the chin.

Ultrasound Therapy – Erase Creases and Lift and Tone Skin

Not a long time ago, wrinkles in the neck and chest area are often left untreated, and those who have it resort to covering up this area with clothing (eg. turtlenecks, scarves, etc). Today, with safe and non-invasive use of ultrasound therapy, the neck and the décolletage can get the same skin rejuvenation treatment as the rest of the face.


Ultherapy uses the same ultrasound energy that many women get during their pregnancy. The only difference is that the ultrasound energy is focused on underlying tissues, which are heated by ultrasound therapy to stimulate the body’s natural collagen building process. This is why Ultherapy is not just effective to combat wrinkles in the neck and the décolletage, but also FDA-approved to lift, tighten and tone droopy eyebrows and slack jawlines, imparting results similar to a non surgical facelift.

Infrared Light – Dermal Heating for Tighter Skin

If you have sagging skin in other parts of your body beyond the reach of Botox, dermal fillers and Ultherapy, a more suitable treatment is Titan, a light-based skin tightening system that heats the deep dermis using infrared light. This heat stimulates collagen production to tighten loose skin from within. Over time, new collagen is formed, and this plumps up hollow areas and treats sagginess in the cheeks, neck, arms, abdomen and other parts of the body that need skin tightening. A highly sought out treatment in aesthetic laser clinic in Singapore, Titan is FDA-cleared for dermal heating.

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