Cutis LHE Hair Removal won the Most Revolutionary Hair Removal for its high safety margin especially for darker and more sensitive skin types.

The difference of LHE hair removal with laser and IPL is that it utilizes two energies: the light and the heat energy. LHE advances the principles of selective photothermolysis by utilizing the dual energy pathways of light and heat to gain the greatest advantage of the light/heat relationship. Using the combination of the two energies reduces the light fluency which makes the LHE safe with no down time.

How it Works

Upon treatment, light is drawn to the melanin in the hair, raising the temperature of the hair follicle. Heat energy from the lamp is conducted down the hair shaft, increasing the hair follicle temperature. The combined energies of light and heat result in the destruction of the hair follicle.

This unique balance of light and heat also enabled effective treatment for the more difficult hair and skin types. Skin Types V-VI and sensitive, tanned and Asian skin could now comfortably and safely benefit from phototherapy treatments.

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LHE Best Hair Removal Singapore

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