Pore size is determined by your genes. You can’t make them disappear, but you can shrink enlarged pores with non-invasive laser therapy that heats the deeper layer of the skin to form new, firmer collagen, creating a stronger support structure that makes pores smaller and tighter.


What are Pores (And Why You Can’t Remove Pores Permanently)?

Pores are the tiny openings of hair follicles. They are there for a purpose. As much as you don’t like how large they look, you can’t do away with them altogether, as each pore contains sebaceous glands that produce the skin’s oils to keep it from getting dry.

In the same way that they are genetically determined as your skin type, pores are naturally bigger among those with oily skin, with naturally dry skin appearing poreless. People with fair skin also tend to have smaller pores while those with darker skin tone have larger pores. As sebaceous glands are bigger on the forehead and the nose, so too is the pore size in those areas (which explains why the T-zone is oilier than the rest of the face).

While you can’t change your pore size, you can minimise pores so they appear smaller.  Pores can be stretched by clogged dead skin cells and excess oil, so clearing out your pores is one way to keep it from overstretching and looking bigger. Unprotected sun exposure also weakens collagen, which indirectly makes pores appear bigger by depriving it of support that keeps pores tight. Unfortunately, large pores on cheeks can be made permanently wider by picking at a pimple, causing trauma to the skin.

How to Minimize Pores Using Laser Therapy

Shrinking large pores is now possible with non-invasive laser therapy like Laser Genesis. A laser handpiece sends heat to the deeper layers of the skin where it stimulates the creation of new collagen. As new collagen forms, the support structure that keeps pores tighter – that is, firmer collagen – becomes stronger.

Complementing Laser Genesis as treatment for open pores is the Cutera Pearl Procedure that gently resurfaces the top layer of the skin to make the pores appear smaller. Simultaneously, heat from the Pearl handpiece is also delivered into the deeper layers of the skin, initiating formation of new collagen. The result: pores that are much tighter and look smaller.

Aside from poreless skin, both Laser Genesis and Cutera Pearl provide other skin rejuvenating benefits so you get multiple results with one or two treatments. If your face shows diffuse redness from rosacea or broken blood vessels, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and even acne scars, Laser Genesis addresses these issues at the skin’s surface resulting to clearer, smoother and softer skin.

The Pearl procedure, on the other hand, is ideal for sun damage, mottled complexion and uneven texture as well as a few fine lines and wrinkles. The Pearl gently resurfaces the topmost layer of the skin with pulses of light, creating a protective dressing that eventually falls off within a week to reveal younger and smoother skin underneath.

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