While it is common for intimate areas to be darker than the surrounding skin or most body parts, it can still make people self-conscious. The aging process, genetics, and hormonal fluctuations all contribute to an increase in melanin production, leading to dark patches or discoloration in the area.

Intimate Lightening: 5 Things to Know About Dermamelan Intimate

Other things that can cause darkening of the intimate areas include:

  • Friction – tight clothing or underwear creates friction due to constant rubbing in the area. This can cause the delicate region to become darker or change in color or shade. 
  • Frequent shaving – can cause irritation and inflammation that can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Shaving creams and lotions also have chemicals that can darken your private region.
  • Lack of air or ventilation – this can cause a buildup of moisture that can darken your intimate area or exacerbate an existing problem. 
  • Sweating a lot – sweat has waste products that can cause color and texture changes in your intimate area. Proper hygiene (frequent cleaning and wearing breathable underwear) can prevent the buildup of sweat.

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So, what can lighten intimate areas? 

Dermamelan intimate is a depigmenting solution designed to tackle hyperpigmentation or darkening of intimate areas. Developed in collaboration with gynecologists, this non-invasive solution contains active compounds that target the conditions responsible for discoloration/darkening. 

Dermamelan intimate provides short- and long-term correction of hyperpigmentation in delicate areas. It can also prevent the appearance and reappearance of dark spots, as well as improve the area’s skin elasticity and water retention. 

Are you considering Dermamelan intimate for yourself? Continue reading as we list 7 things you need to know about this depigmentation solution.

1. Dermamelan at work

Dermamelan intimate features a dual action mechanism: corrective and regulatory. It lightens the hyperpigmentation and addresses the root of the issues. It also accelerates skin peeling and renewal to lighten intimate area or existing dark spots 

It requires two phases:

  • In-office treatment: This is done in a medical setting and involves cleansing the area first. This is followed by the application of mesolips protector, dermamelan intimate peeling, neutralizing spray, and dermamelan intimate film.
  • At-home treatment: The protocol is continued at home to regulate melanin production. This involves the removal product at the time indicated by the professional. Patients will also need to follow an aftercare regimen specified by the doctor. 

2. Treatment areas

Dermamelan intimate can treat all skin types in the following areas:

  • Genital-perineal area
  • Perianal area
  • Mons pubis
  • Inner thighs
  • Groin

3. What are the key benefits of Dermamelan intimate? 

This depigmentation solution lightens intimate areas or pigmentation imperfections in intimate areas, giving you the confidence you deserve. Benefits include: 

  • Short- and long-term correction of pigmentation
  • Unified skin tone
  • Improved skin elasticity and water retention
  • Helps prevent the reappearance of pigmentation/dark spots

4. Results to expect

In as early as one week, you can see improvements in the treated area. Significant results appear in about four weeks, as the pigmentation continues to lighten over time. And in just a single session, the area will look even, healthy, and luminous.

5. Downtime and discomfort

Two hours after the first phase, you will leave the clinic and remove the occlusive film and mask applied to the area. You will then have to wait 48 hours before applying the dermamelan intimate gel cream at night for 30 days.

The thing you need to know about dermamelan intimate is that it gradually renews the skin. It is normal for the area to be red and feel hot during the first phase, but this is mild and will subside after 24 to 48 hours. 

You may also experience minor peeling during the at-home phase and the area may feel sensitive at times. Applying the recommended products will help clear up these effects.

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