Our very own Dr. Sylvia delivered a talk via Zoom about the trends in aesthetics via Zoom at the Aesthetic Medicine World Congress (AMWC) Asia & Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference (TDAC) on May 6.  

Dr. Sylvia Spoke at the AMWC Asia-TDAC in Taipei

The conference, which was held last May 5 to 7 in Taipei, Taiwan, was a part of IM-Aesthetics’ AMWC scientific event series that focuses on aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. It has returned to Taipei for its 5th edition.

Trend drivers

As social and cultural shifts shape the aesthetics industry, it is important to explore the underlying themes that contribute to consumer behavior change. Dr. Sylvia discussed these four key themes, which include:

  • Aesthetic fluency
  • Beauty empowerment
  • Back to nature
  • Un-tabooing treatment 

AMWC Asia-TDAC in Taipei

Global trends reports

Dr. Sylvia talked about the future of and trends in aesthetics, presenting Allergan Aesthetics’ The Future of Aesthetics Global Trends Report. Fully funded and produced by Allergan Aesthetics, this report was developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading aesthetic practitioners and key opinion leaders.

Dr. Sylvia discussed the major trends that are poised to drive the practice of medical aesthetics in the coming years, including: 

  • Diverse individuality
  • The new masculine 
  • The digital lens

Ethical concepts in aesthetics

Another part of Dr. Sylvia’s talk focused on the Ethics of Aesthetics or Ethical Considerations in Aesthetic Medicine. This involved a discussion on what distinguishes an ethical practitioner from an unscrupulous one. She also talked about the Ethical Challenges of Aesthetic Medicine, which include appearance and aging anxiety, as well as social media and medical marketing.

AMWC Asia-TDAC in Taipei

Dr. Sylvia gave a brief discussion on each of the Four Core Ethical Principles. These include: 

  • Autonomy
  • Beneficence
  • Non-maleficence
  • Justice

AMWC Asia-TDAC 2023

AMWC Asia-TDAC featured an insightful and practical program, developed under the supervision of the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS) and TDA. This was designed to help practitioners boost their practice and excel in their craft. 

Medical experts from Taiwan, Asia, and other parts of the world delivered every session in the program. This included a range of disciplines including injectables, energy-based devices, regenerative medicine, and more. Learn more at https://www.euromedicom.com/amwc-asia/2023/about/about-amwc-asia.html.