The effects of aging on the skin is more than superficial. While the changes relating to skin elasticity and firmness are more noticeable, aging changes in skin can also affect our confidence and self-esteem. This is why looking young or more youthful is a reasonable desire that many of us have. 

In this episode of Cutis TV, Dr. Sylvia  Ramirez discussed the things we can do to look more youthful. She talked about the aging process and the differences of aging between Asian and Caucasian skin. She also went on discussing the science of beauty and beauty premium, as well as the psychology of appearance as we age. 

Learn as Dr. Sylvia talked about collagen, which makes up to 75 to 80% of the skin. She explained in detail what happens to collagen as we age, as well as the importance of collagen balance (or not to be collagen bankrupt) in looking more youthful. She talked about and provided advice concerning:

  • Reducing collagen out or preventing collagen breakdown
  • Collagen building in layers of the skin
  • Treatments that increase your ability to deposit or build collagen (e.g. Pearl, Laser Genesis, Microneedling, Exilis Ultra, and Ultherapy)
  • Oral collagen (collagen supplements)

Dr. Sylvia is also joined by Gunther Scherz (Managing Director of Cutis Laser Clinics) in answering questions related to starting collagen treatments, daily collagen doses, and specific questions regarding the procedures mentioned above. Watch the recorded video of our Webinar to learn more!

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