The popularity of facial fillers has skyrocketed over the past few years, thanks to social media and trends from influencers. Many use hyaluronic acid fillers, as well as fat injections not just to plump up their lips and cheeks, but also to change the shape of their noses and faces.

Why People are Dissolving and Refilling Dermal Fillers

The filler trend in the past years focused on not-so-subtle changes. Big, plump, and puffy were “in”, resulting in a pillowy look, which many are now trying to fix and resolve. Many women, including celebrities, are said to be getting their fillers dissolved and refilled for a more natural look. 

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Why the change in trend

Fillers are safe and effective, and can even give you a natural look, provided that you go to a qualified injector with a conservative approach. The problem is as such injectables become more popular over the years, many people have been injecting more of them, resulting in a fake or plastic appearance. 

Another reason for this trend of dissolving dermal fillers is the issue of the material migrating to areas of the face. Filler migration occurs when the filler used in areas like the lips or cheeks, for instance, moves to a different location from where it was first injected. This can then lead to face distortions and an unnatural look.

While the topic of filler migration has been popular on TikTok, this side effect is actually quite rare. It is relatively uncommon, but it can happen, especially with poorly trained and unqualified injectors performing the treatment. Bad filler experiences can also happen due to:

  • Too much filler used
  • Wrong type of filler used
  • Too much handling/ massaging
  • Poor injection technique
  • Movement 

The sad part is the popularity of dermal fillers has also led to an increase in the number of unqualified injectors. The results can be subpar and unsatisfying and may have to be fixed or reversed. Rare filler side effects have also now become trending on social media because more inexperienced injectors are providing the service.

How are fillers dissolved?

Only fillers made with hyaluronic acid are dissolvable. With other materials like calcium hydroxylapatite or poly-L-lactic acid, you need to wait for the material to be absorbed and metabolized by your body.

Dissolving fillers is done by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase into the treated area. This breaks down the hyaluronic acid quickly, dissolving the material within 24 to 48 hours. Hyaluronidase is used to dissolve uneven or incorrect filler placement, and in emergency situations where the filler has been accidentally injected into an artery.

What happens after dissolving the filler

Once the dermal filler has dissolved, patients can leave their face as is or refill it with a smaller amount. The latter is a good option if you want to enhance your features with subtle changes or with a natural-looking appearance. Good technique and years of experience from your injector are crucial in achieving that. 

Do take note that when fillers and other injectables are done well, the result is not overt or obvious. The changes are subtle, with others thinking or noticing that you look refreshed, well-rested, and a bit younger-looking than they remember. The goal is not to fill in every crease or fold, but to freshen up your face and look good for your age.  

How to prevent an overdone look and other side effects

When getting dermal fillers for whatever reason, always see a board-certified doctor or qualified medical professionals (e.g., nurses, dermatologists, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic doctors). Keep in mind that knowledge, training, and experience matter, as it is not possible to be skilled after attending a course for just a few weeks.  

It is also important for your injector to have a good knowledge of facial anatomy and a background in cosmetic medicine. Cutis has aesthetic doctors who focus on natural outcomes, and our medical and scientific director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, has years of experience performing filler and botulinum toxin injections. She is also recognized for her attention to detail and prefers a natural look for her patients. 

You, as a patient, also have a role to play. If your injector says no to your request for more fillers, don’t go searching for a new provider that is willing to inject whatever amount you want. It is advisable to start with a conservative approach and make the decision to add more if it is right for you. 

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