Whether you’re looking to plump up your lips or enhance their shape or symmetry, lip fillers can help. This is done by injecting dermal fillers, commonly made of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance found in the body), in your lips or around your mouth. These injectable gels can also soften wrinkles, restore volume, and define facial contours.

Lips-Look-Swollen-or-Uneven-After-FillersIf you’re curious about lip fillers, you may surely have lots of concern about how your pout is going to look after the procedure. One common complaint is that the treated area tends to look swollen or uneven after the injection. Is this normal? How long will you have to wait before the swelling subsides?

Common side effects after lip fillers

Dermal fillers are minimally invasive and temporary side effects can occur after the treatment. The duration and severity of these effects will depend on your own healing abilities and the treatment’s aggressiveness. These usually last for a week or two.  

Swelling – After undergoing fillers, it is normal for the lips area to look uneven due to swelling. This is normal and does not necessarily mean that something has gone wrong. It is also important to note that the lips have a lot of nerve endings and are more sensitive than other areas of the body. This resolves after a few days to a week. 

Bruising – Lips are vascular, which is why they are more prone to bruising. Some degree of bruising should be expected after lip fillers (or any type of injection). This is temporary and completely improves within a day or two (can depend on the patient). Be sure to follow the post-care guidelines provided by the clinic.

Redness and tenderness – It is also normal for the lips to look redness or experience some tenderness after fillers (or any type of injection). Strategies like using an ice pack or taking a painkiller can help with swelling, bruising, and pain.

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The full benefits of your lip fillers

With dermal fillers, the results are visible almost immediately, but the swelling can conceal them. You should also give the injectable gels at least 24 hours to settle, which means avoiding touching or massaging the area. It can also take about two weeks for the fillers to completely blend with the surrounding tissues and see the complete/final results.

The results can last between 9 and 12 months, depending on the type of fillers used. The placement of the dermal fillers will depend on your goals, look you want to achieve, and the current appearance of your lips. The goal is to have a natural-looking pout that is slightly fuller without needing to outline the borders.

Only get the fillers from a licensed injector

Dermal fillers are considered safe and effective in the right hands. This is why it is only important to avoid getting your fillers or any type of injectables in spas or salons. Be wary of those that provide big discounts or super affordable treatments. Take note that bad or disappointing results are likely if someone unqualified inject the fillers.

You should make sure the procedure is done in a clinic setting instead of privately. If you want to avoid duck lips or an overdone-looking pout, it is best to see a skilled and trained injector. Our medical and scientific director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, is a US Board Certified Doctor and has extensive experience with Botox and fillers (including Juvéderm). 

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