Under Eye Lines & Wrinkles Is No More a WorryWrinkles is a common phenomenon with aging, however, many do little to curb this problem which is sometimes caused by avoidable circumstances. Many of such ways of preventing or treating this problem of lines appearing below the eyes due to age advancement have been suggested. While some have been medically tested and proven to end this problem, others depend on the personal initiatives of the ageing person to fight this phenomenon which in most cases is undesired health wise.

As one grows older, the skin grows thinner and harder and consequently withdraws due to lack of collagen. This makes the wrinkles, especially in areas where skin is thicker like below the eyes, to start appearing. However, this can be controlled by certain injections that are rich in collagen which help straighten the eye line. Other methods include massage below and above the lower and upper eye as well as application of medically accepted creams which is would consequently treat this problem.

Over exposure to sun-rays can be harmful to the skin & cause skin pigmentation, biologically known as melanin. It has been medically proven that sun rays kill skin cells leaving the skin dehydrated which in turn could cause early skin ageing often manifested in development of foldes & lines. This can however be avoided by limited exposure to the sun and only for health purposes i.e. for vitamin D.

Folding or an ageing appearance on the skin is also caused by over-frowning on the forehead. This causes twists and fine lines on the skin on the facial region. This causes skin relaxation and consequently folding. However, this is also avoidable to keep skin tight and healthy.

Getting enough sleep is good for healthy skin growth and development; however, sleeping position especially on one side of the face could lead to development of eye-lines which with time assume the appearance of wrinkles. Avoiding this is therefore is as necessary as avoiding having a bad skin tone. You should have enough rest and ensure that by no means you rest only on one side of your face downloads. Turning on both sides of your face therefore becomes essential to having a healthy skin.

Another ways to avoid bad skin tone and wrinkles is not smoking which causes an ageing appearance. Smoking releases substances in form of chemical radicals which damage skin pigmentation and tone. You should always drink enough water, at least four to eight glasses a day. These measures will go along way into improving your skin tone and avoiding fine lines on skin.