If you have been eating and exercising yourself skinny all this time but your fat bulge doesn’t seem to go away, your body type is likely to blame.

The different body types do not respond to diet and exercise the same way. Some pack on pounds easily while others can shed the weight faster.

Ectomorphs, Mesomorph and Endomorphs 

Three Main Body TypesAt its most basic, the three human body types are the ectomorphmesomorph and the  endomorph.

In terms of build, the ectomorph is the skinny, small-boned type who can eat whatever they fancy and torch those calories without lifting a finger thanks to their fast metabolism.

The individuals who won the genetic lottery are the mesomorphs. Sure, they could pack on fat especially when they reach their 40s and beyond, but they also easily shed it just by exercising. These are the athletic types and these people walks into the gym regularly and gain muscle. They are typically large-boned, but also have large musculature and low body fat because they tend to burn it easily.

On the extreme end of the weight scale, the endomorphs tend to easily pack fat, especially around the midsection. They are the people who gain weight easily. They are usually big-boned but have low muscle definition, and cannot seem to drop weight despite valiant efforts at dieting and exercise. They have to closely watch – and cut back – their calorie intake if they are to shed serious pounds.

Treatment to Transformation Program for Holistic Fat Reduction

It is for endomorphs that Zeltiq Coolsculpting Singapore treatment would work best. Coolsculpting is a safe, non-surgical procedure that uses proprietary controlled-cooling technology to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the submental area (like double chins), arms, flanks, midsection and thighs.

This procedure, sought after by many patients in aesthetic clinics in Singapore, is one of the three-pronged “Treatment to Transformation Program” for a holistic fat reduction in all the problem areas mentioned.

Coolsculpting is preceded with a Tanita body diagnosis to help age management doctors in medical clinic in Singapore determine your body fat (including visceral fat that surrounds your organs), body water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and metabolic age, and the corresponding nutritional program that best suits your body requirements.

The Treatment to Transformation Program finishes off with a series of TriLipo sessions that use high-powered radiofrequency system to kickstart your collagen production and tighten loose skin for that overall body transformation. On its own, TriLipo is also a favored procedure in many laser clinics in Singapore.

Coolsculpting Clinics Help Torch Stubborn Fat

The mesomorph body type is the ideal body type for a reason – it’s symmetrical, it’s lean but not skinny, and it easily develops muscle with the right exercise.

If you are an ectomorph yearning to have ribbed pectorals, or an endomorph longing to have a trimmed torso, triceps and thighs, you will have to work harder to achieve the mesomorph’s physique. It can be done; you just have to tailor your diet and exercise to work with –and not against – what you have.

But if you feel that the bodysculpting process could benefit from a little push, you can give nature a helping hand with Coolsculpting Singapore Treatment to Transformation Program.