Apart from puffiness and dark circles, sunken eyes are another eye (or skin care) concern that many wish to get rid of. As this beauty dilemma can give your face an overall tired appearance, it can also make you look older than you actually are.


As the skin under the eyes is fragile and delicate, it can sometimes appear hollow or sunken with dark shadows underneath the area. If you got sunken eyes (also called tear trough hollows), it is likely that you’ll notice the following:

  • Hollow-looking space under the eyes
  • Under-eye dark circles
  • Dark shadows on lower eyelids

Causes of sunken eyes

Sunken eyes are usually a result of aging and are commonly noticed by people in their late 30s or early 40s. They can also be a part of your DNA, particularly if your parents or other family members have the appearance of hollowing and darkening under the eyes. Other things that can contribute to it include:

  • Inadequate sleep or poor sleep quality – this can negatively affect your appearance and contribute to under-eye circles and sunken eyes.
  • Smoking – this deprives skin oxygen and nutrients as well as damage collagen and elastin. This can result in sagging skin on the face and hollow eyes appearance.
  • Allergies – These can give your eyes a sunken appearance, as well as dark circles underneath them. Allergies may also cause you scratch or rub your eyes, resulting in further irritation.
  • Sinus infections – These can also make your eyes appear hollow. Symptoms of a sinus infection include pain, pressure, and nasal congestion. 

What can you do about them?

The treatment for sunken eyes includes a few lifestyle changes, better skin care, and injectables like dermal fillers. Read on and learn how you can fix hollow eyes:

Protect skin from the sun – Prolonged and unprotected sun exposure and damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. This can then result in premature aging, contributing to fine lines, wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, and sunken eyes.

Moisturize the area – You can take better care of the delicate skin around the eyes by moisturizing the area. Choose a product that is perfect for the area and make sure that is lightweight and free of essential oils and fragrances. 

Stay hydrated – Increasing your water intake benefits your whole body and helps you avoid the appearance of hollow eyes. It is also advisable to limit your intake of alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and other diuretic beverages.

Get enough/quality sleep – Try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Create the right sleep environment and maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule. Consult a healthcare provider if you’re having problems sleeping or staying asleep.

Quit smoking – Don’t let this habit ruin your skin and overall health. As smoking depletes collagen production, quitting can help prevent premature aging, eye wrinkles, and the appearance of sunken eyes.

Consider dermal fillers – These safe injectable treatments can minimize the appearance of eye bags and dark circles by restoring volume in the tear trough. Here at Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore, we offer different types of dermal fillers that can enhance your facial appearance and help you look younger.

  • Juvederm range of fillers uses HA as its base and can be safely used to improve eye bags, fine lines, and nasolabial folds. You can also turn to these HA-based fillers to fill the lips, add volume to the cheeks, and increase the height of the nose bridge without surgery.

Juvederm Volite is the latest addition to the brand’s family of fillers. It is a skin booster designed to improve skin hydration and quality for up to 9 months. It is effective not just in hydrating crepey skin, but also in addressing dark circles, lines, and hollowing around the eyes. 

  • Radiesse volumizing filler is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. It can be used to restore volume loss and improve the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. It can also fill in fine lines and nasolabial folds, and add volume to the cheeks and lower face.

This dermal filler provides immediate volume correction, which then reduces signs of aging. Radiesse also continues to work as a bio-stimulator to stimulate the body to produce its own natural collagen.

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