Skin-Look-Older-Than-It-ShouldMany of the things you do daily can affect the health and quality of your skin. If you, for instance, notice or think that your skin looks older than it should, your bad habits and lifestyle may be the culprit. 

Continue reading to learn the things that make your skin look older that it really is and what you can to turn things around. 

You are too stressed

While stress is a normal part of life, too much of it can negatively affect your skin. It causes your body to make stress hormones (cortisol), prompting the skin to produce more sebum or oil. This can then clog the pores and trigger a number of skin issues like acne and rashes.

Daily physical activity can help relieve stress, as it releases happy hormones (endorphins) that can make you feel good. Having adequate sleep also works, because it can improve your mood and help you think clearly. You can also consider seeking professional help if natural remedies don’t work for you.

You skimp on sleep

Amazing things happen during sleep, including cellular rejuvenation and skin repair. If you skimp on sleep most days of the week, you will miss out on all the benefits, including collagen growth, wound healing, and skin hydration. Sleep deprivation can also cause skin inflammation, which may trigger acne and other skin issues.

Make it a habit to sleep for seven to nine hours at night. You can promote better slumber by turning off electronic devices a few hours before bedtime. You should also keep your room, dark, quiet, and cool. If you, however, have insomnia or other sleeping problems, see your healthcare provider.

You love alcoholic drinks

Apart from messing up your sleep, alcohol also dehydrates your skin and accelerates aging. Drinking too much can deprive your skin of essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as contribute to cell damage and compromised immunity. Alcohol is also a toxin that can increase your risk of developing serious health issues. 

You don’t have to completely give up alcohol to preserve a youthful appearance, but it certainly helps if you can. If not, it is best to cut down on such drinks and avoid drinking before bedtime. You can also remind yourself that the less alcoholic drink you consume, the lower your risk of developing medical conditions.

You don’t use an anti-aging serum

If you want to fight the signs of aging or at least keep those lines and creases from becoming more prominent, you can benefit from an anti-aging serum. You can apply the product after cleansing but before moisturizing. The right serum can restore cell growth by delivering antioxidants to the skin.

One good recommendation is the Fibroblast Growth Factor Serum. This targets age related degradation, as well as reactivate collagen and dermal activity. It can also boost the density, texture and firmness of the skin and has been found more effective than Vitamin C in clinical studies.

You light up an occasional cigarette

Even if you don’t consider yourself a heavy smoker, lighting up a few cigarettes occasionally is still bad for your skin and health. The cumulative damage can be seen in a few years, with your skin starting to sag and wrinkle prematurely. It also accelerates aging and makes you more prone to developing wrinkles on the face and body.

There is no other way to save your skin, but to quit smoking or never start smoking in the first place. If you smoke only when drinking or going out, you can find other healthy ways to socialize that doesn’t involve hanging out with smokers. You can also get help if you’re finding it hard to kick the habit.

Don’t let your skin suffer and look older with these habits. Start tweaking your lifestyle now and engage in habits that favor your skin and body. Contact us today and find out which skincare products can help you achieve a youthful appearance.