Belly fat is not the only trouble area many wish to improve or get rid of. Butt fat/banana rolls or the stubborn fat bulges between the lower buttocks and upper thighs are another concern too, as they are hard to lose despite diet and exercise. They can also make your butt look misshapen, resulting in a saggy or older appearance. 

Banana Rolls What Are They and How Can You Get Rid of Them

If you are concerned about banana rolls too and are wondering how you can get rid of them without needles or surgery, continue reading.

What exactly is banana roll or butt fat?

Banana roll or butt fat is a type of stubborn fat that accumulates underneath the buttocks and above the upper thighs. It got its name because it forms a crescent or banana-like shape pocket of fat below the crease of the buttocks. And as previously mentioned, it creates saggy glutes that some people find unflattering.

While banana rolls are more common to those who are overweight, skinny people or those who are in their normal weight can also have this concern, depending on their fat composition and weight distribution. This can then lead to an even more frustrating situation, as it can make it challenging to fit into clothes or pants comfortably. 

What causes banana rolls? 

A number of factors are at play including: 

  • Your genes – some people have a genetic predisposition to store fat under the buttocks and other areas of the body including the abdomen, thighs, back, and chin. 
  • Hormones – instances such as pregnancy can promote fat buildup around the hips, thighs, and buttocks to help with pregnancy and breastfeeding. The same is also true during menopause when there is a decrease in estrogen that causes fat storage to shift. 
  • Prolonged periods of sitting or a sedentary lifestyle – this can cause the muscles in your buttocks to weaken, contributing to the development of banana rolls.
  • Unhealthy diet – this can lead to excess fat not just in the buttocks, but in other areas of the body as well. Eating more calories than you burn may lead to weight gain or being overweight.  
  • Aging – butt fat or less defined buttocks may be related to old age. The decline in collagen and elastin, along with the loss of fat and muscles, can lead to sagging tissues that can also present as butt fat.

How can you get rid of banana rolls? 

Regular diet and exercise help, as well as aesthetic procedures such as fat reduction and body shaping treatments. A surgical approach like liposuction can make a significant effect, but this involves longer recovery and other side effects. Not everyone is also a candidate or willing to go under the knife. 

At Cutis, we have the recently launched CoolSculpting Elite in Singapore. This is a redesigned fat freezing system with C-shaped applicators that fit the body’s natural curves and feature a gentle vacuum technology. It can safely and effectively target and eliminate fat cells in less time than traditional CoolSculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting Elite in Singapore uses Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling technology to freeze fat cells, triggering apoptosis or natural cell death. The treated cells are flushed and cleared through the lymphatic system and processed as waste in the liver. This then gradually reduces that fat layer thickness in the treatment area.

CoolSculpting Elite also has added features that can take your fat freezing treatment further. These include:

  • Dual sculpting – can treat two areas at the same time or in a single session, reducing overall treatment duration.
  • More comfortable applicators – the C-shaped cups complement the body’s curves. It also has a gentle vacuum technology that reduces squeezing on the tissue.
  • 18% more fat coverage – it covers more skin surface, which means it can target more fat cells in a single session.
  • Up to 27% fat reduction – can reduce the number of fat cells by up to 27% in multiple areas of the body. 
  • Faster results – initial improvements are seen after four weeks, with significant results showing after a period of three to four months (when the body has flushed all the treated fat cells)
  • Can treat nine different areas – it has seven applicators and is US FDA-approved to treat the: 
  1. Banana rolls or butt fat
  2. Abdomen
  3. Arms
  4. Chest
  5. Back
  6. Thighs 
  7. Flanks (love handles)
  8. Bra fat or rolls
  9. Under the chin

How can you tone your buttocks? 

Apart from CoolSculpting Elite and other non-invasive fat reduction procedures, we at Cutis also have ZField Dual for non-surgical body shaping. It uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate muscle contractions in the area of concern. It can be paired with fat freezing to enhance your results. 

Using high-frequency electromagnetic energy, ZField Dual induces targeted muscle contractions. It enables about 27,000 contractions during a single treatment, which also forces the body to adapt to extreme conditions. This then causes the body to strengthen the muscle fibers for improved fat burning and muscle conditioning. 

ZField Dual can help: 

  • Lift your buttocks non-invasively
  • Build muscles without sweat or intense workouts
  • Achieve a six-pack or visible abs
  • Have a 30-minute ab treatment (equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups)

This procedure is suitable if you want to tone and sculpt your butt. As it stimulates involuntary muscle contractions in the gluteal region, you can expect fuller, firmer, and lifted buttocks without cuts or needles. 

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