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When it comes to shedding excess weight and fat, everyone’s journey is different. While some people swear by the effects of a calorie-restricted diet and regular physical activity, others struggle to get rid of stubborn bulges despite eating less and exercising more.  

If you belong in the latter group and can’t seem to slim down regardless of doing everything you think is right, your routines might be the culprit. Some of the things that can prevent you from achieving your goals include:

  • Consuming lots of sugary drinks
  • Insufficient or poor sleep quality
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Focusing only on aerobic exercises (not doing weight training)
  • Following a fad diet
  • Exercising too much, but ignoring diet (unhealthy foods and inconsistent eating choices)

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Take Your Efforts Further

Patience is important, so you need to continue with your weight loss efforts of eating right and getting enough exercise, not just to lose fat, but also to maintain overall health. You can also get the help of non-invasive fat freezing procedures, which can take you further than dieting and exercising alone. 

At Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore, we have two nonsurgical procedures that use fat freezing to help you achieve your desired figure. Both CoolSculpting and Z Lipo utilize Cryolipolysis, a safe and controlled freezing technology, to destroy fat cells without surgery or downtime.

Read on and find out how these two procedures can take you further:

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq (Made in the US)

CoolSculpting is a US FDA-approved non-invasive fat reduction procedure that targets, eliminates, and freezes fat cells permanently without harming the skin or other tissues. It uses applicators of different sizes to target pockets of fat in the arms, belly, thighs, and chin, as well as other smaller fats like a bra and knee fat.

Before the fat reduction starts, the areas of concerns will be marked first to determine the placement of the handpiece. A cooling gel will also be placed on the skin for extra protection. 

The procedure begins with CoolSculpting delivering controlled cooling temperature to the targeted fat. Then, a vacuum pressure draws the fat tissue between the cooling panels, triggering the process of natural removal in the body. This gradually reduces the fat layer thickness in the body over time.

The procedure doesn’t burn, shatter, or extract any cells. It also delivers a noticeable fat reduction in the treated areas, with the frozen cells gone for good. The treated fat cells will not grow back and long-term results will remain stable, as long as you maintain a good diet and exercise routine.

Some patients reported seeing results as early as three weeks after the first session, but the dramatic results can be seen within 60-90 days or once your body metabolized the dead fat cells.

CoolSculpting also has a built-in safety mechanism that can detect if the skin is getting too cold. If this is found to be too cold, it will shut off automatically. 

Z Lipo by Zimmer (Made in Germany)

Z Lipo in Singapore is an innovative fat freezing treatment designed to help you achieve your dream figure. Just like CoolSculpting, Z Lipo uses Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling temperatures to target and permanently reduce stubborn fat cells on the belly, flanks, thighs, and arms. 

Before the treatment starts, a cooling pad will also be placed on the treated area. Pulsed vacuum suctioning then follows to breakdown the fat before the freezing begins. The cooling panels will then emit the optimal temperature to freeze the fat cells to the point of natural elimination.

Exposure to cold temperatures triggers the process of “apoptosis” or natural cell death. Then, the frozen fat cells with be metabolized by the body and removed as waste over time.

What makes Z Lipo different from CoolSculpting is that it has two handpieces attached to its device, which can both be used in one session. This only means that two areas can be treated at the same time, reducing the overall treatment time. It also has a strong vacuum pressure that draw a good amount of fat bulge inside.

Z Lipo can be combined with Z Wave treatment, a shockwave therapy that uses vibrations further break up the frozen fat cells and improve the fat reduction results. Clinical studies suggest that the combination of Cryolipolysis and shockwave therapy provides rapid fat reduction compared to normal massages.

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Take your diet and exercise further with CoolSculpting and Z Lipo, two of the most popular treatments for fat reduction. To learn more about the difference between CoolSculpting and Z Lipo treatment, you can check out our previous post.

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