Our heart is a muscle and just like most of our body parts it responds well to exercise. When healthy diet is paired with regular exercise, it not only prevents but can also reduce the risk factors associated with various diseases, prominent among them are heart complications. Exercise can help us in overcoming testosterone deficiency and also in aging gracefully.

It is said that majority of the body ailments are caused either first by bad stomach and second by bad heart. Many people have sitting job or with least amount of physical activity. Thanks to our healthy diet and often uninterrupted eating habits, we upset our stomach many times. This leads to heart burns and various other complications.

Regular exercise along with healthy nutrition helps us to burn extra amount of calories, exercise for belly fat and various aerobic exercise, helps us to digest our food properly and also maintain good heart.

The big question is – how much weight exercises are sufficient for a person? The right answer can be had from your doctor. For some people 30 minutes’ walk is enough, but others may have to sweat a mile in gym every day. People who are involved in considerable amount of physical activity in their profession, than 20 minutes’ walk will be sufficient for them. For those who keep sitting in their office cubicle, will have to sweat in a lot more.

Why Exercise Matters

Exercise will keep our digestive system efficient. It prevents from having acidity or heart burns. Meaning, we don’t have to take acid neutralizer after we take food. Exercise for belly fat keeps our stomach muscles strong. One of the secret of aging gracefully is to keep ourselves physically and mentally active.

As we all know heart is a muscle and through regular weight exercises we make our heart muscles stronger. Regular exercise also maintains the flexibility of arteries and blood vessels. Exercise helps in maintaining normal blood pressure by ensuring regular flow. There is no doubt in saying that exercise serves as medicine to people with heart complications.

Personalized Exercise Program with Optimagenics Age Management

Besides from exercise, having a healthy, low sugar/ carbs and high protein meals will also contribute to a healthy body. Providing personalized nutrition and exercise programs are among the four main elements of the Optimagenics Age Management Program – the scientific approach to maximizing health, vitality and wellness that is affected by aging.

Optimagenics™ is devoted to the practice of Age Management Medicine, helping patients to get and stay healthy through a personalized program of nutrition, exercise, hormonal optimization, nutritional supplementation and right mindset to make every individual have a better quality of life – not just living longer but living better.

Optimagenics™ Age Management Program has been shown to:

• Decrease the risk of age-related diseases
• Increase physical and sexual vitality
• Improve sleep quality
• Increase muscle tone
• Decrease body fat
• Sharpen mental acuity