1) What is the name of the study that found only 56% of runners put on sunscreen regularly?

One study cited that compared with non-runners, runners had an increased risk for certain forms of skin cancer. In this same study, it was reported that only 56% of runners regularly used sunblock (Ambros-Rudolf CM, Hofmann-Wellenhof R, Richtig E, et al. Malignant melanoma in marathon runners. Arch Dermatol 2006; 142 (11): 1471-4.

Furthermore, another study cited even lower rates of sunblock use in athletes. In a US study of college athletes, it was found that 85% reported no regular use of sunblock (Hamant E, Adams B. Sunscreen use amoung collegiate athletes. J Am Acad of Derm2005, 53(2): 237-24

2) What are the properties of mineral makeup, and why should women wear it?

There are several features of mineral make-up that suggest that it is a good alternative for health-conscious women:

a. The main ingredients of mineral make-up are natural minerals- titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are also used as physical sunblocking agents. This gives an extra boost of sun-blocking protection

b. Some mineral make-up brands have components that are anti-inflammatory, meaning they soothe the skin and may actually help when there are skin conditions such as acne.

c. Long-standing experience with mineral make-up in the US (where it started), suggests that it is a good choice after skin treatments such as laser/IPL or chemical peels.

d. Some brands contain additional ingredients such as anti-oxidants and other vitamins.

e. Look for mineral make-up brands that have a broader range of options/colors/foundation choices than others. Some are also “triple-milled” so that the make-up is finer.

f. Mineral make-up also contains minerals, for instance mica, that gives the skin a healthy looking glow with a natural finish. And yet, depending on the brand, still allows a great coverage.

3) What is talc and what does it do to the skin?

Talc, a magnesium trisilicate mineral, in its natural form may contain asbestos. Most traditional make-up brands contain talc, which is a “filler”, as it enhances the coverage of make-up. Many US dermatologists suggest make-up without talc because talc has properties that may allow it to block pores of the skin. This suggests that talc is comedogenic, meaning it may promote whiteheads and blackheads.

Also, there are several organizations that suggest the avoidance of talc-containing products, if alternative non-talc containing products are available. This is because there are published studies (see html links below), that have linked talc to other side-effects. It should be pointed out that these studies are inconclusive. Mineral Make-up does not have talc and is a good option.

4) Why should women choose lead-free lipsticks?

In a recent study in the US, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested the top lipstick brands and found that 60% of these lipsticks contained lead. Because there is no standard for lead in cosmetics, most experts use the US FDA’s limit for lead in candy as a measure. Lead is a proven neurotoxin. Long-term risks are more serious in children when the brain is developing. Even low level exposure may harm the intellectual development, behaviour, size and hearing of infants. During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, lead can cross the placenta and affect the unborn child. It might be wise to avoid any lead exposure because it is inevitable that we swallow the lipstick that we apply on our lips. It is thus important to inquire whether your lipstick brand has lead (it may not be indicated in the label).

5) Can you recommend some mineral makeup (foundations, lipsticks, mascara etc.) that women can wear while they exercise?

Depending on what type of effect or coverage a woman wants, there are many options of mineral make-up that can be used. A good rule of thumb is that you want to look as natural as possible while working out. Frequently, we recommend the following:

  • GloHydration mist- as a start. This is a vitamin-enriched spray that you can apply onto your face without the stickiness of regular moisturizers. This can also be used to set mineral make-up so that it doesn’t wash away when you sweat.
  • GloCamouflage- generally, it may be more comfortable not to wear a foundation. Mineral make-up feels lighter than standard make-up because of the absence of talc. But even then, particularly during exercise, less is more. This camouflage provides great coverage for spots/pigments that you may want to cover even when you exercise.
  • GloBlemish stick- This product has salicylic acid which is a treatment for acne. If you have a pimple, this is a great product to use because it conceals while it helps heal the pimple.
  • Glosheer tint- If you must wear a foundation, a good choice is this sheer liquid foundation. It gives you a hint of color, makes your skin glow, while still appearing very natural and “unmade up”
  • GloPrecision eye pencil- This mineral based eye liner glides on like silk and never runs. It is formulated for even the most sensitive eyes
  • GloSheer lipstick- these natural earthy tones give a hint of color without being overwhelming.
  • GloLips, GloGloss and GloLiquid Lips- Alternatively, you can use stronger lip colors or lip glosses especially if you don’t wear any other make up when you exercise.