Can ZField Dual Really Tone Your Muscles

Are you one of those people who eat right and exercise daily, but still struggle to get the body you want? If yes, you’re not alone. Good old-fashioned diet and exercise, which remain the safest way to lose fat and tone your muscles, do not always guarantee results, especially in removing stubborn bulges of fat. 

Aging and hormones can play a part in why you suddenly have more fat in the midsection or why it won’t seem to budge. If you’ve tried to vanquish that fat by hitting the gym and eating healthier but can’t seem to make a difference, you may want to consider ZField Dual.

ZField Dual  is one of our non-invasive body shaping procedures that can help you achieve visible body muscles. It uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions in your abdomen, buttocks, and other areas of the body. Continue reading to find out how it can help you get the body you want. 

The basics of ZField Dual 

Made in Germany from Zimmer Aesthetics, ZField Dual is a non-invasive device that can tone muscles without intense workouts. It uses electromagnetic energy for targeted muscle stimulation and building. ZField Dual can enforce about 27,000 muscle contractions (equivalent to thousands of sit-ups) in a single treatment. 

The device has two applicators that emit electromagnetic pulses and induce muscle contractions. Both can be used at the same time for stimulating two opposing sections of the muscles like the buttocks. The use of a single applicator is also possible for areas like the abdomen.

Exposure to involuntary contractions causes the muscles to adapt to extreme conditions. This assists in strengthening the muscle fibers, which then leads to improved muscle conditioning with a more toned appearance. It can shape and contour your body without breaking a sweat.

What can you expect with ZField Dual?

ZField Dual can turn flabby areas of the body into toned muscles. The device is designed to strengthen the gluteal and abdominal muscles, but it can also be used on the arms, thighs, and lower back. ZField Dual also supports fat reduction, which is beneficial in reducing stubborn fat

Benefits include:

  • Burn fat and build muscles without intense workouts
  • Non-invasive buttocks lifting and firming
  • Have a 30-minute ab treatment equivalent to thousands of sit-ups
  • Help you achieve a six-pack or more toned abs 
  • Improve or treat diastasis recti (partial separation of abdominal muscles)

Who is an ideal candidate?

One important thing you should know about ZField Dual is that it is a body-shaping procedure, not a weight loss solution. Ideal candidates are those who are within their normal weight but have stubborn areas that they want to sculpt and tone. It can help boost your fitness efforts to achieve your goals faster.

ZField Dual is worth exploring if you’re looking to:

  • Shape your body but don’t have the time and energy for the workouts – If busy schedules are keeping you from committing to a routine, ZField Dual can help. It will allow you to burn fat and build muscles without needing to hit the gym regularly. 
  • Improve your diastasis recti – Diastasis recti, which refers to the partial separation of abdominal muscles, commonly occurs after pregnancy. ZField Dual can help improve this condition by exposing the muscles to supramaximal contractions. It can improve muscle tone, kill fat cells, and strengthen your core. 
  • Supplement your fitness efforts – Are you looking to start a new exercise regimen or further tone your body? ZField Dual can help you stay fit with a more contoured body appearance without engaging in intense workouts.
  • Get back to fitness after a hiatus or an injuryZField Dual can help you build strength and work out certain muscle groups without having to work out too much. This is ideal if you’ve had an injury or are trying to get fit again after a hiatus. 

Combine ZField Dual with other procedures and Tone Your Muscles

Depending on your body goals, you can also choose to combine ZField Dual with other body shaping procedures. If you, for instance, have pinchable fat bulges in stubborn areas, you can also consider fat freezing (ZLipo or CoolSculpting). This uses fat freezing or controlled cooling temperatures to target and kill fat cells.

We also have our Cutis Medical Gym, which is a subscription-based approach to non-invasive body procedures. This lets you treat and work out different areas of the body. Our medical gym houses US FDA-cleared and CE-marked non-invasive devices to reach your goals faster.

Cutis Medical Gym can help you with: 

  • Reducing stubborn fat (lose inches off your belly, thighs, and other areas)
  • Toning and sculpting muscles
  • Tightening mild skin laxity
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Improving your fitness levels

Schedule a consultation and body assessment

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